Magento product image switcher

I just wrote small javascript animation example for product images and thought someone may find it useful. It’s a fast way to replace default zoom functionality for the ones that don’t like it.

I’m actually trying to merge something like this with default zoom, but i’m not finished yet. Anyway, i left all javascript and styling in media.phtml file, so just download the file


and replace it with your own at

It was made with default Magento theme. Enjoy.

Ivan Weiler

- Technical Educator and Consultant

Ivan is a Technical Educator and Consultant. He gained lots of experience managing some of the most complex Magento projects we had at Inchoo.

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  1. hide the zoom option for product images with less resolution in magento


    first of all, sorry for disturbing you here.

    please visit this link :, you can see there is a zoom option on the products images

    if we upload smaller images as like here :

    the product image is not zooming properly

    so i want to hide the zooming option for images with less than 400 * 400 pixels.

    please help me to find some solution.

    thanks in advance

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