Magento Project Stratus

Guido Jansen recently broke the news of the new landing page at Magento’s official website that promotes so far unannounced service under the name of “Project Stratus“. This appears to be Magento in the cloud.

The project appears to be preparing for a closed beta testing and they are accepting applications. You can also enter your email to receive more information about the project once it becomes available.

The rumors of some sort of official Magento SaaS solution were out there for a while. I think I first read about such ideas more than a year ago. First time I heard of it, I was kind of worried that such a solution would significantly reduce the amount of work companies such as ourselves receive, since our work is mostly related to customizing Magento, and I didn’t know if there would be any way for us to continue doing this in a SaaS world.

Magento developers, you should actually look forward to the release of the Project Stratus!

According to the Q&A section of the Project Stratus, we will still be able to do custom development on Magento in the cloud:

Stratus creates more choice for merchants to select the product and platform that best fits their needs. Stratus will empower merchants and developers to customize, modify, extend and integrate a hosted store as if it were their own code running on their own servers … an unprecedented capability in the market today

When can we expect Project Stratus?

According to the Q&A section, the beta will run into early 2011.

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  1. We’re pretty excited about this! Our hosting solution for a soon-to-be huge catalog is difficult to maintain. Our environment is customized in many, many ways so it’s good to hear we and move those customizations into the cloud and take advantage of (hopefully) increased on-demand processing power.

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