Magento Trademark and Licencing FaQ

Magento Trademark and Licencing FaQ © by svilen001/sxc

During my time of active involvement with Magento and its community, I’ve seen numerous questions regarding the Magento Trademark, licencing and similar. I decided to sum up some of the questions that I can answer. Should you have any additional questions regarding these matters, I think the best shot of getting it answered quickly is to contact Rhonda Rondeau – Magento’s community manager – who is really responsive to our (community’s) questions.

The Magento Trademark

Q: Can I use the word “Magento” in a domain name?
A: No. Magento’s Trademark policy strictly forbids the use of the term “Magento” in any form within the domain name. This means you can’t use it even with some other words (,…)

Q: Can I use the word “Magento” in a sub-domain?
A: Yes. You can use the word “Magento” anywhere within your sub-domain. Example:,…

Q: Can I use the term “Magento” within the website copy?
A: Yes. You can promote your Magento related services using the term “Magento” anywhere within the text.

Q: Can I use the term “Magento” in my Magento Extension’s title?
A: No. You shouldn’t use the word “Magento” within the name of your extensions. Plese note that you also may NOT use the term “Magento” within your username at, but this is more due to the Extension Guidelines than due to the Trademark Policy.

Q: What happens if I break the trademark policy?
A: Your extensions will not be approved at Magento Connect. If you hold a domain name with “Magento” within, Magento Inc. could take that domain away from you if they wanted to since they do hold a trademark on that term.

Magento Extension Licencing

Q: Are licensing restrictions in Magento Extensions acceptable? If so, to what level?
A: Magento Extensions can be licensed under any license of your choosing. There are no restrictions by Magento’s license that you should be concerned about. (Source: Roy Rubin, Magento Inc. CEO at Quora)

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  1. While creating an extension I am getting this error can you please tell what is the issues

    An error occurred on the saving extension. Unable to communicate with the chiara channel gateway.

  2. What’s your understanding of using the Magento logo? I see you’re using it various times, have you signed a business partner agreement or do you think your usage is fair use or other?

    I, like you (but not as good) write magento tips and want to use the magento logo for context.

  3. Well, for a domain freak like me, that turned all into the “saving the money” mode, QA ‘Can I use the word “Magento” in a sub-domain?’ seems interesting 🙂 -Not that it matters that much.

    Nice article. Essential but to the point. Would be nice to see more QA for other short questions like: When is the jQuery version due? When will Doctrine ORM jump?, etc.

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