Starting up

Most popular Magento oversights

We have a lot of inquiries from the store owners who are due different reasons unsatisfied with their existing developers. Some of them have a Magento store for over a year and they desperately need to upgrade. Most standard cases we have recently are the upgrades from Magento 1.2 to latest version and in such cases installations are usually over 1 or 2 years old. This article is not about developer oversights, but those little things that matter.

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How much do you really blog on your Magento shop?

Does it make sense to use aheadWorks Blog extension over WordPress? To newcomers to this site, this article might be a bit strange and confusing. One would surely ask himself, why would do these guys write about using aheadWorks Blog extension over WordPress in Magento, given that they do WordPress and Magento integrations plus all sort of custom Magento development.

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Importance of planning – Attribute Sets

We all love fast development. Clients want to have the team who will be able to finalize their online store as soon as possible. They define the design, add a few test products, set up transaction emails and are anxious to see their online store online. In some cases, one week before the launch, client starts to input the products. If he is unfamiliar with Magento, there is a high chance he will focus on “Add Product” button first. Woah… We missed one step before this: Attributes and Attribute sets.

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Getting started with building Admin module in Magento

Due to the “complexity” of Magento’s xml files, developers can waste great amount of time on “unnecessary” things.
When I say “complexity” I say it with purpose. XML files are not so complex by them selves, but due to extreme lack of documentation and changes Magento pumps in every new “major” release, people are lost among things that should really be sideways. Anyway, in this little article I will show you how to create basic, startup structure for your module to get it shown under Magento Admin main top menu.

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Top 3 mistakes by Magento beginners

First of all, let me inform you that this article is for those of you who are just starting with Magento. If you are a Magento expert, you will probably know this.  Consider it just a reminder for those who use Magento for first time. There are three common mistakes that most people do when they try to use Magento for first time, so read this article and you won’t be one of them.:)

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Magento event hooks cheat sheet

Here is a little something I put together using a simple “search/replace all” functionality. It’s a cheat sheet (list) of event names you can hook into in the Magento.


This PDF document was created 31/03/2009 on Magento version 1.3.0.

Hope you find it useful.

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Installing Magento easy way

Those of you who know what SVN is, feel free to skip this article. Those of you who are not familiar with SVN, this is a must-read. If you use standard FTP to upload all Magento files, you may find this process very time consuming. Magento 1.1.8 has over 6.700 files in over 2.200 folders. FTPing can sometimes take few hours on some servers. Let’s look at alternatives.

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What makes Magento so hard to learn

Most of us in ecommerce application development have already heard of Magento. Some would call it new ecommerce killer app. I myself stand with that statement for many of reasons. However I would like to call it with one more name, developer killer app. This developer killer is what I literally had in mind. Magento is currently one of the most difficult PHP systems out there a developer could learn and master.

So, what exactly makes Magento so hard? Short answer would be the lack of good, and I mean really good IDE studio. You know, like the one .Net guys and girls have, something like Visual Studio. Yea, here I go again giving praises to Visual Studio and monopolistic Microsoft although I make my living using open source PHP. I should really be a shame, right? Well, no!

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