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About ten months ago I wrote an article titled Magento Extensions Quality Assurance Certification. If you read it, then you know it was a pure result of my imagination. In that article I spoke about (then) current state of various extensions, their conflicts, etc. Finally concluding how nice it would be to have some sort of extension certification program. Certification program that would be in charge of checking several important parts of your extension inner working, etc. All with the final goal of classifying your extension as safe.

As I said, this was around ten months ago. During that time folks at Magento wasted no time. Just recently they announced several interesting new things, one of which is Trusted Extension” program/process. For the time being this only applies to the Magento GO platform, but as they announced it, it should come in play for Community Edition of Magento as well.

For all involved in Magento development it’s clear that such process of marking extension as “trusted” is all but simply. Extension reviewers really need to be up to the task when it comes to knowing Magento inside out. Magento folks included an extra step in this process, the legal one. Meaning, besides variety of technical tests your extension will need to pass, you as a developer will need to commit both from technical/support and legal side.

Technical tests are to include things like Code review, Security Checks, Magento database usage, interface and consistency, Remote calls to 3rd party systems, Memory usage, Performance impact and load impact, Overall behavior in multi-tenant SaaS environment.

From the legal stand, developers who are accepted to the process will sign on dedicated business and developer agreement with Magento.

At the end of the day Magento does not guarantee functional accuracy of specific extension behavior, which is pretty fare enough given that I do not see any mentions of this being a paid process.

All in all, I’m happy to see something happening in regards to “marking” the quality extensions. Time will show how much of actual benefit this will bring.

Combine this with all of the latest official Magento education materials/courses popping out and I’m sure where are in for a bright, more quality eCommerce business with this great platform.

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  1. Agree ! the main problem with extensions is their conflicts!
    There should be Certificate program so it would be great for both developers and users !

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