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Do you know what the word above means? If you do, than you might be one of the candidates for a job position in our company. As some of you who are visiting the site for a longer time know, Inchoo was founded in May 2008. At the time of inception, Branko and me were the team at the start. Today, our team counts 16 members. Are you interested to join?

We are looking for individuals for following positions:

  1. Magento/ZEND developer is a hard core programmer. You need to have great PHP/ZEND knowledge and good English skills. You need to have at least 2 years of web programming experience and a few projects behind you can show. You don’t need to know Magento for this position, but you should have ZEND knowledge or at least know some PHP framework. You’ll learn Magento in time.
  2. Mobile Apps Developer needs to be an experienced programmer ready to learn new languages. iPhone SDK will be the first one since our team has the most demand for iPhone and iPad applications. You also need to speak English. If you also have project management experience, be sure to mention this. We like the people who have project management skills. You will learn in time how to use Mac and develop for iPhone and iPad.

Now, the tricky part for some of you who are reading this is: the position is in our office in Osijek, Croatia. If you are from our town, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you are not, don’t be discouraged. We might soften the policy to hire a local resource. In either case, send us your resume and portfolio to this address and we’ll get in touch with you.

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  1. I am looking for a position in Osijek. Extensive experience in Sybase (ASE/REP), Oracle, hardware, networking, security. Deep knowledge and experience of/with military aviation, and associated application development.

  2. Hello! I live in romania but I will move in Osijek in October for two years. My husband received a scholarship in Osijek and i’ll go with him there. I studied in high school C + + programming and in the faculty studied: computer science applications using Microsoft Office,Office applications practice and multimedia, computer programming, databases, computer design of IT systems(PSI), practical training in information systems and financial analysis,information systems audit, expert intelligent systems, decision support systems. I graduated the faculty in 2007and I didn’t used my programming skills ever since. But I can learn if you give me a chance. Thank you!

  3. i live in canada ,but was born in croatia and i am looking for work in osijek,my brother lives there,i have financial training and maybe u can use my skills

    thanks dario

  4. i think it means “employment” or “job”.
    isn’t it ?
    plz correct me if i am wrong.
    Can you guys help me out to understand zend framework.This is the only thing i haven’t worked with till now.

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