10 ways to optimize your online store for Christmas sales

Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us, it’s still not late to optimize your store for Christmas sales. The shopping is far from over. As usual, there will be lots of “last moment shoppers” out there on the internet seeking to find the perfect gifts for their friends and family.

  1. Special products – Do you sell products that can be customized in the Christmas spirit? All sorts of products can have winter motives on their package or products themselves. Big companies such as Coca Cola did this since the dawn of time. If you sell products that have printed motive son them such as t-shirts, mugs etc. it would be crazy not to jump on the opportunity and make special occasion editions of your products featuring Christmas / winter motives. Even if you don’t sell products that have anything printed on them you can still put these motives on the product’s package.
  2. Special discounts – Everyone loves getting something cheaper then usually. Most of the studies I’ve seen show that the best performing discount is a free shipping one. Don’t forget to call it a “Special Christmas discount” or something similar.
  3. Special store design – No groundbreaking changes are needed. Change a few things on your store to better reflect the Christmas spirit. Try adding some nice winter elements to your logo, or change some big images / banners to include winter motives (if you have any on your store). This should help you make your customers feel like your shop is exactly where they need to buy their Christmas gifts.
  4. Different featured products – Your store probably have some sort of featured products on the homepage. Most of the stores that sell a lot of different items will have some items that are more likely to be bought as a Christmas gift to someone. Use your featured products section on your online store’s homepage to feature products that would make good Christmas gifts.
  5. Different product descriptions – Instead of the usual boring old product description, spice it up a little bit and change the description of these featured products to better reflect why this product makes a good Christmas gift.
  6. Write a nice piece of content – Online store owners that do get the importance of content marketing have some sort of blog or articles on their site. Use that section wisely! Create a nice article such as “top 10 Christmas presents for your little boy” that feature your products and describe how happy that little boy will be when he opens up the box in the morning and finds that great product from your store that makes a perfect gift. A lot of shoppers have no idea what to buy, help them decide and make some money while doing that!
  7. Special advertising campaigns – Include “Christmas discount” and similar terms if applicable to your PPC campaigns. If you’re serving banners, change them to include some Christmas or winter motives and any discounts you’re providing.
  8. Give out discount coupon codes – You can try to pitch your codes to some popular blogs or magazines that write about things you sell / are read by your targeted audience. Ask them if they would share these coupons with their readers. Pitch it to as many relevant blogs and magazines as you can. If this doesn’t work out for you, there are tons of websites organized as discount coupon code directories, especially during the Christmas shopping period.
  9. Make estimated delivery time visible – Some people will not buy from you if they can’t be sure the products will be delivered in time. Make sure that estimated delivery time is clearly visible to your potential buyers.
  10. Give out special wrapping – One of the coolest “throw-ins” you can make is a nice Christmas product wrapping. Some people are lazy (or male, so they don’t know how) to wrap the presents up themselves, why not make it easier for them and send the products already wrapped? They will love you for this feature!

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  1. my client optimization on cxmas is that the warehouse is close from Dec 23 to Jan 04, and for that, no orders will be shipped and even if I told him that we should then close the WebShop … no way! we keep getting orders and ship on Jan 4…

    err… nice way to optimize the store for cxmas right? 🙂

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