6 Things to Avoid When Hiring an SEO

I personally believe in Google’s good old “Do no evil!” and that’s why I’m writing this blog post about a few tricks some marketers use to sell you SEO services that don’t work.

Never hire an SEO consultant or buy SEO services from company that offers:

1. Massive Search Engine Submission. There is no need for submitting a website to search engines in today’s modern web 2.0 world. The search engines will find your website really fast if you have any good backlinks pointing to your website. Some companies will offer submitting to hundreds or even thousands of search engines. Don’t hire them. There are only a few search engines that will ever send you any traffic and they are called major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Live…). Don’t get fulled by the number of search engines that your website will be submitted to as it has no effect on your traffic or earnings at all.

2. Guaranteed rankings. No one can guarantee you any rank on major search engines. Keep that fact in mind when you’re buying SEO services. In most cases a good SEO will in fact show significant results in search engine rankings however they can not guarantee it. The results of SEO campaign also largely depends on the competitiveness of the targeted market. The more competitive your market is the harder it will be for SEO to push your website to the top for your targeted keywords. Also, it is physically impossible to be “number one on Google” in today’s modern world. The search results became personalized and localized. Google will serve one set of results to you and the other results to someone searching for the same term from somewhere else in the world. The results will also vary on your historical usage of Google if you are logged in to your Google account while searching.

3. Magic Formula. Some SEO companies claim they have discovered “the magic formula” (often containing some keyword density and similar measurable SEO elements) that allows them to rank you at first place in Google for any keyword. In this case you should use common sense and ask yourself why the SEO company knowing this secret formula didn’t rank number one on Google for keyword “SEO”? If they wold really know such a formula (and such a formula DOES NOT exist) they would probably be billionaires in the matter of days and last thing on their mind would be offering SEO services to small businesses.

4. Massive backlinks building. By massive I mean really bulk backlinks. If someone offers you thousands of backlinks for a dollar you should use your common sense and once again say no. These backlinks will not be quality ones or relevant ones and will probably not help you in your ranking at all. As the matter of fact, search engines might even penalize you for building such automatic backlinks using techniques which include automatic software and spamming.

5. Permanent backlinks. There is no such thing as “permanent backlink”. Use your common sense once again and think about where should these backlinks be placed so that someone can guarantee you they will be permanent? They would have to be placed on a website the company that’s selling you SEO services owns or the website you owns. In case you own the website you don’t really need the SEO’s to place them and in case it’s owned by the SEO company, who can guarantee you the company won’t shut down in the next few years, months or even days? The same rule applys to all other websites where your link is placed. There is no such thing as permanent backlink.

6. Really cheap hourly rates. Don’t get fulled by low prices. If you want quality you have to pay for quality. You will encounter some amazingly cheap SEO services on the web these days. Most of these services are offered by people who think the know how to optimize the site well but they actually don’t. A good SEO will have at least an average hourly rate as he will have enough job offers to keep that rate. If someone is really cheap in SEO industry it probably means he’s doing something wrong. A good SEO is in most cases a good marketer and sales man (or at least he should be if he’s the person you will trust to do a good SEO job on your website) and he should be able to sell his services on at least an average hourly rate.

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