Alexa can help you find out more about your competitors

Alexa recently implemented the most useful feature since… well, since the Alexa was first released. I’m talking about ability to see the keywords any website is getting most of their visitors from search engines from.

The feature appears to be generally very accurate, according to the data I have access to. I’m not sure how did they menage to do it and where does the data come from, but accuracy of the Alexa keywords data was something I was most surprised with.

The Alexa rank was never very accurate. With the last big shift in the way Alexa collects data and ranks websites the ranking list became slightly more accurate then it use to be but the list is still not reliable.

It could be said that Alexa ranking is pretty reliable for websites in the top of the list (first few thousand) and as you move to the bigger numbers, the list becomes pretty humorous. The tech and web related websites tend to rank much better then some non tech related websites since Alexa draws it’s data from the toolbar which is most often used by tech guys, web owners and internet marketers.

How can you use Alexa keyword data for your own benefit?

There is almost no business on the web without competitors. If you run a web business it is extremely useful to know from which keywords does your competition draw their visitors. Knowing this data will save you lots of research time and effort and it might give you some ideas for keyword targeting you would never thought of on your own.

By knowing this data you might even find out that some keywords you’re targeting are not worth the effort if you spotted a top competitor on the top of results for the keyword and have data to prove that he does not gain much visitors from it.

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  1. It is good for anybody that know about this since they can manipulate it.

    But I don’t like the idea that other people can still my hot keywords. Damn Alexa.

    Any way to switch it off ??

  2. @G: these are organic search keywords that drive traffic. The data probably comes from alexa toolbar usage, but I doubt that’s the only source they have, according to the accuracy of the results.

  3. For my site, Alexa shows keywords for which I have never advertised, nor used in my sites meta description and keyword tags. Any idea where Alexa picks up these “Search Terms Driving Traffic” keywords from?

  4. Thanks for this post, Toni. I’m not really running a business site (or trying to make any kind of revenue, for that matter), but it’s interesting to know how traffic finds you nonetheless. 🙂

  5. hi,

    i have found the alexa keywords useful too, is it possible to get a bigger list of keywords from alexa, currently they only show about 10 for each site.

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