Look out for these eCommerce trends in 2017!

Look out for these eCommerce trends in 2017!

Industry of eCommerce is growing steadily, year after year, and that’s nothing new in the world of Internet. A prediction by eMarketer states that online spending has reached its all time high in 2016 with more than $22 trillion spent, a number which is expected to grow by $27 trillion in 2020. It is more than obvious this trend has no intention of slowing down so if you need some help or inspiration with setting up priorities for 2017, we at Inchoo gathered a handful of useful tips to share.

We are all well aware of the fact that we’re living in a fast paced, digitally connected world. In that kind of environment, it is easy to mistake fads for trends, but we’ve done our best to dissect one from another. While your business may ignore the fads, it should never ignore the trends. Trends in eCommerce emerge from how customers shop, what are they buying and how are they reacting to new technologies. There are many trends to look after in the upcoming year, but these 3 are the ones you definitely should not miss!

1. Hello, mobile!

Yes, we know, you heard this a million times before, but repetition doesn’t mean this is not a valid trend! If you haven’t gone mobile, 2017. is the year to do it. After all, average consumer reaches for their smartphone 150 – 200 times a day, and according to think tank Gartner report, only 14% of companies are cashing in on using mobile as an engagement platform. Keep in mind that for most people, mobiles are still more affordable than computers. It is no wonder that online retailers from around the world confirm growth of mobile transactions each year. In fact, this year, mobile traffic has overtaken desktop on the web. Google is also working on a new, mobile-first web index. These changes can mean only one thing – make your mobile experience as smooth as possible.

2. Dynamic shopping experience – a must!

One of the most prominent trends to look after in 2017. is providing experiences and interactions to your customers. You are no longer selling products and services – market is too competitive to be offering only that. What you should be offering instead is a chance for a customer to be included in your brand. For you, that means turning customer experience into your number one priority. After all, a happy customer going out of his way to spread a positive word-of-mouth is the best mode of competition. Providing more sell moments with real-time customer service, same day delivery or simplifying return procedures is what could really make you stand out. Give your customers an opportunity to deal directly with your brand and create D2C (direct-to-customer) experiences – they want to live your story, trust us.

3. Use the data, it’s a friend of yours!

What we expect to see in 2017. is the rise in compiling data on millions of products and in millions of situations. By exploiting that data, collected through various phases of your buyers journey, you’ll be able to better understand your customers and even predict their behaviour. That means you’ll be able to reach new levels of personalisation, tailoring experiences according to every individual (or at least segments) visiting your store. Just imagine understanding your customers the way they want to be understood – all thanks to improved analytics algorithms.

Now, we know this is not everything you should be looking out for in 2017. We are also very well aware there are many things you are struggling with on a daily basis and sometimes, a helping hand would do you good. If you want us to check out your store and tell us which trends may apply to it, we would be happy to do so.

Let us know if we missed some of the trends or if there’s one you find particularly interesting.

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  1. i think facebook and other social media websites helps to increase your sell and promote your trending fashion , but friend list is not be good for eCommerce business.

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