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We’re testing out Yahoo!’s new Twitter clone service known as yahoo MeMe. The service looks pretty nice from what I can see.

For us, marketers, this is not an Twitter alternative, this is another communication channel to look after. I really like the ability to easily split the content into four main media categories: text, photos, video, and music.

I still don’t get it what’s the main difference between video and music. I mean, videos can be music as well, can’t they? Perhaps they should have used word “audio” instead of “music” as it really specifies the media, not the content of the media.

How to get a Yahoo MeMe invitation?

Anyway… Check out our new Yahoo MeMe account and drop us a line in the comments here if you want a yahoo meme invitation. Make sure you leave us a correct e-mail address when you leave a comment since the invitations will be sent to that e-mail.

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  1. i really want a yahoo meme account, it seems interesting! could you send me a invitation?? thxx so much!!

  2. Nice post. Short, sweet, and to the point. Your Meme page looks great! Not at all cluttered. Thanks for being so generous with your invites. I hope that you’ll send me one. Cheers.

  3. Its looking good.The best part is that we can add images as well.Eagerly waiting to try it out.Some one please send me an invitation

  4. Hi, great to see Yahoo in this kind of project. Yahoo Pipes is also great. I would like to receive an invitation to test Yahoo Meme please.

  5. I’m a journalist from Vietnam and I think lot of members from our country were crazy with the last Yahoo! 360, then now we are excited with the progressing: MeMe. I would like to get an invitation from this Beta program and I will write an article to publish to my newspaper.

    I hope everything’s great!



  6. We’re pretty much out of invitations at the moment, but someone might find this post that has invitations and send you if you leave your mail in comment 😉

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