Google changed their 2 results per domain in SERP “policy”

Most of you that don’t deal with SEO daily will not notice much difference but this is in fact a pretty big change for some websites. Last Friday, Google changed this rule they had that only two results from a single domain can be shown on one page of search results.

Now it is possible for many results from the same domain to appear. Exact number is not very clear, but in the blog post at Google’s official blog, they give us an example where only the last few results are a different domain.

What does this mean for the end user?

It means that when you search for something specific, you might get much more results from the most relevant website in the field and you’ll have to go to page two to see some other websites relevant for this search term.

Also note that this might prevent the situation like ReadWriteWeb famous “Facebook Login” debacle. If you’re not up to reading that article, I’m gonna tell you what happened in short: ReadWriteWeb published an article called Facebook Wants to Be Your One True Login and outranked Facebook for the keywords “facebook login”, which resulted in 2 500+ comments from confused users that go to Facebook by googling “Facebok Login”. Users thought they were on Facebook and that Facebook got redesigned. There were some hilarious comments like “I figured it out! Facebook doesn’t work on Google anymore. You have to go to and write “Facebook Login” over there!” followed by “Thanks, it works!”.

What does this mean for the website owner?

If you’ve been building your SEO strategy on ranking number two for the names of your competitors, well, that was a waste of your time and money.

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  1. Though, I did not really noticed that but I am very glad that google changed the policy. Thanks! This is getting more specific. It will also help people who have a website with a common goal of focusing on one niche.

  2. Thnx for the heads up:) This gives all the more reason to us social media to help fill up a SERPS page. That is too funny about the face book debacle….its a good reminder to all us techies that the rest of the world isn’t as web savvy as we are and we need to factor that into all our marketing efforts.

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