Google is terrible at optimization for Google

I’ve been using HubSpot’s website grader for some time now to easily see common on-site mistakes with websites without need for me to investigate the URL manually. Today an idea popped into my mind to test with website grader.

I’ve always known that Google doesn’t really follow it’s own rules but I never thought that with such a high alexa score (No 1), Page Rank of 10 and enormous number of indexed pages and backlinks, Google will score lower than our very own website.

It would actually be pretty hard to score higher than Inchoo at HubSpot’s website grader since we have better score then HubSpot themselves. With all these obvious advantages, has a website grade of 95.7. Why? These are reasons form the website grader’s report:

  • Google’s homepage is missing meta description
  • They are also missing meta keywords
  • There are Fonts tags found in HTML (instead of being in CSS)
  • Among 3 images on Google, two of them have no alt tags
  • Google’s interior pages are also missing meta keywords and meta description
  • They have no RSS feed
  • Google indexes Twitter more often then they index themselves

Google doesn’t care about ranking sice they are in fact #1 website in the world. It’s just a fun fact to look at, nothing more.

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  1. Google ofcourse doesn’t give anything about SEO for their own site, that’s no source of traffic for them. However, it does save quite a few bucks on traffic to spend as little bits and bytes of code in their source as possible.

  2. Yes, I already noticed Blueacorn and Inchoo are really similar sites in terms of marketing techniques we use, services we provide, on-site SEO, traffic sources, and some other stuff 🙂

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