Google, why are you wasting our time?

We are witnessing something amazing in the search industry right now. Bing is growing and as the Bing and Yahoo integration goes through, for the first time in a decade, Google will get a worthy competitor.

While Google’s algorithm still gives me more relevant results for most of the searches, there are searches where Bing’s results are much more relevant and spam free.

I think Google’s biggest disadvantage in this war for the search industry share will be it’s constant improvements. When we compare the results Google is giving us today to the results we got several years ago, we can see Google is wasting a lot of our time.

1. Images in search results

I just hate it when Google serves me images in normal search. If i wanted to look at the images I’d use the image search. There is simply no need for you to show me images. In most cases, things I search for can’t even be described with an image. Why are you forcing these images on me? Did I ask for them?

2. Video in search

This one is pretty similar to the image problem. Why are you giving me video if I didn’t ask for one? I can’t even imagine a situation in which I’d use your search to find a video I wanna watch. I’d probably search YouTube or maybe in some extreme situations use your video search. I don’t want videos in my normal search results so stop wasting my time please.

3. Personalized search

No, I don’t want my search results to be personalized. Why would I want that? I’m using a search engine to find stuff I don’t know about, why would I want the websites I visit all the time and know about them already show up on top of my search results? If I want a bookmarking service I’ll use one. I don’t want my search engine to be the bookmarking service. Chris Crum of the WebProNews wrote about the similar issue with personalized search.

4. Geo-location based redirection

Sometimes I have a need to check something on but due to my geographic location I get redirected back to Why would you do that? That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever! If I wanted I’d go to

At Bing, I simply tell it which country preference I want in my searches and it stays that way. It doesn’t redirect me back to my country if I don’t ask for it. That’s the way it should be, it’s the only logical way.

5. Google accounts

I once spent half a day trying to integrate my AdWords and Analytics goals on two different accounts. I’ve read the entire help section to find the crucial information buried somewhere deep inside the sea of text. Why is this so complex? Why doesn’t your account simply work on your products? Why is there a difference between “Google account” and “gmail account” while both are “email”? Google, why are you wasting my time?

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  1. I have had problems with most of these but especially the 3rd… it really does not help when you are looking at how well (or not) a site is ranking and it is getting preferential treatment and therefore gives a skewed perspective.

  2. Good points… No. 1 is sometimes if not most times a bit distracting and annoying, but No. 2 is helpful. If I wanna find a song I search it in google first than pick one of the videos provided. Sometimes other sites have better quality uploads than the ones provided by youtube, so in here it is helpful. I absolutely do agree with No. 3… waste of time… big waste… for No.4 there is a solution, Google toolbar. I’ve set it to do the searches at instead of .hr and there is no redirection. If I need a localized search I just go to And No.5 oooh boy, it can be a real pain to get things done right.

  3. Cracking points, and ones I agree with. It seems that while the competition makes changes to try and improve search, Google’s just doing it for a laugh.

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