How to buy add space on popular US blogs?

If you are into internet advertising you probably already considered or already tried out advertising on some popular or targeted blogs. Blogs can be valuable traffic generators however in most cases you will see that conversion rates and click through rates of advertising on blogs will be much worse and more expensive then advertising on search engine’s search results (Google AdWords and similar). The reason for this is pretty obvious, the content surrounding the add can not be as targeted as the keywords you can target via search engine advertising.

Why would one buy add space on blogs if search engine advertising is more cost efficient?

Sometimes, if handling a very targeted and low search volume niche, search engines just don’t fill your marketing appetite. You want more visitors then search engines targeted keyword volumes can provide and thus for you turn to targeted or semi-targeted blogs to serve your adds.

Also, if your product is something completely new on market and there is absolutely no search volume for your product, you can’t use search engine advertising effectively. Instead, you should try to find semi-targeted blogs, related to your product or service to push your marketing message.

Blogs are also in many cases very good for branding your company, product or service. The branding effects are often much greater then the branding effects resulted by search engine advertising campaigns.

How can one advertise on blogs?

There are many ways to advertise on blogs. Most bloggers, however, are joined into some advertising programs where you can view more blogs (their stats and prices) at once and decide to buy adds on any of them. One of such networks is BlogAds. Once you register for an account there, you will be able to purchase add space on 1500 of America’s most influential blogs (according to their website). Some of the worlds most influential blogs are available on BlogAds such as PerezHilton, CuteOverload, Dailykos and many others.

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