How to get targeted followers on Twitter

I often see articles on topic of how to get massive amounts of followers on twitter. They mostly describe the techniques that are on a thin line between fair use of social media in marketing purposes and unethical spamming.

Twitter is a social network before all and there are lots of different people on it with different interests. It’s not really important how many followers you have, it’s all about who your followers are.

Let’s say you sell products to interior designers, like our client Pebble Hill Designs does. It would be more important for you to have hundreds of interior designers as your twitter followers then thousands of random folks.

get relevant twitter followers

It’s pretty simple math, if your followers are people that are really interested into your services / products, you are more likely to convert them into customers and they are also more likely to retweet your messages and engage you into discussions.

Getting targeted followers on twitter basically starts as any other marketing activity:

1. Define your targeted audience and do some research on them. Find out who are the most influential twitter users among your targeted audience, have a look on what they tweet about and why do people follow them.

2. Use twitter search to find conversations about your niche, services or products. Don’t just search one hashtag and think you’re done. Be creative, try to find any natural order of words that would be used in discussions about your services, products or your general niche.

3. Engage your targeted audience into conversations. This is what social media is all about, conversations. If you manage to give quality info and answer questions about services or products that you also offer, your reputation will grow with time and so will your follower base.

targeted twitter followers

4. Don’t spamm, mass follow, and don’t try to sell your products / services all the time. People don’t like to be sold to. If someone is asking to be recommended a service provider, offer your services, however, don’t just send out spamm to anyone that fits the profile of your targeted audience.

5. Follow the most influential twitter users in your targeted niche and pay extra attention to them. Try to engage them into communication as much as possible. If they communicate with you a lot, you will eventually get lots of followers from them.

6. Use the hashtags in your tweets. It will make your tweets more visible in twitter search and you might get some nice quality targeted followers this way. Once again, don’t abuse these tags, only use them when it’s obvious they fit the context of your tweet.

7. Be active in twitter’s social events such as #FollowFriday. You have to give in order to receive. Hashtag users you find interesting or influential with #FollowFriday tag every Friday and you might be lucky to receive some reciprocal Friday love. This is one of the best ways to get quality and relevant followers on your Twitter account.

8. Join in twitter directories under appropriate category (hashtag). One of the best known twitter directories is WeFollow.

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  1. Very nice article. I just knew that exactly I didn’t need more follower that have no same interest with me, but I need little follower that have the same interest. It’s all about quality not quantity I guess.

  2. Good advise 10x! I also found this web app quite helpful and effective too:

    It basically helps you follow and therefore get followed back by users who have interest in what you tweet about and lets you easily unfollow people who didn’t follow back.

  3. I found a nice balance between who to follow, when to follow, and, remove those who aren’t following back, i post a sales item every 2-5 hours with specific text to make it look non spammy. so i guess i can say i treat it like a professional/hobby account, and the reward is just a bonus. great tips.

  4. I like the article and agree with it. Targeted (quality) is for better than quantity.

    In tip number 1 it says, “Find out who are the most influential twitter users among your targeted audience”

    Any suggestions or tips for the best way to go about doing this?

  5. yes, this is very good information it doesn’t matter that how much followers you have but it matters that the followers you have related to your business or not. I got very good response from twitter in my business. It helps me a lot in generating traffic:

  6. It looks to me like you?ve just got a CSS problem, not a javascript problem. Adding:.textwidget{background: #FFFFFF;}to your stylesheet should give you the white background, but if you want it to look exactly like the other widgets, (with rouned corners and same fonts) you?ll need to make sure the textwidget class has the same css as sidebar ul.If you need a better explanation or just want me to fix it for you fill free to email me.

  7. All right – finally. An article that doesn’t talk about getting hundreds or thousands of followers. What do you do with them anyway when you do? Great information on keeping your social media manageable. Thanks for sending me the link on twitter at imu.

  8. Thanks for this advice. I’m immediately skeptical of anyone who has thousands of followers after having been on Twitter just a short time. All these automated schemes (like the one bertus mentions) really turn me off. I think some people have VERY liberal definitions of what a “targeted follower” means.

  9. This is very good information on how to utilize Twitter for relationship building and as part of your marketing process. Thanks

  10. Everyone,

    Don’t fall on these pyramid scheme and similar instant Twitter followers machines like the one mentioned in the comment above. As the matter of fact, never fall on any sort of deal that gets you money while you do nothing.

    First of all, these followers are worth nothing. They are also in this same program you are, trying to get follower base while doing nothing. This is not your targeted audience, you can’t ahve any benefit from these twitter followers.

  11. Really cool advice. I tried a lot of these methods to get targeted followers, but it was a bit too much effort. Then I found this one system, Twitter Traffic Machine that basicly finds you targeted followers on autopilot, and it sets you up so that you make money of them as well. This is a lot easier I think, if you are willing to invest in this. Here is some proof I found that it works:

  12. You have good advice. I do think it is quality not quantity that makes a good follower. I always click on the people that have chosen to follow me. If their bio is interesting then I click on their website link. If I think that I would benefit from following them I do. If they are just those “Get rich quick by becoming an affiliate of this that and everything else, I will probably choose not to follow.

  13. I like to use the twitter friend generator to follow and unfollow people on twitter. works great and haven’t had any problems as of yet.

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