Inbound Marketing will destroy SEO

Yesterday, we had a new follower on our Twitter account with “bio” saying that she is a “Twittsultant” – which is probably something like Twitter consultant – which obviously made us laugh. Being a “twittsultant” is like being an expert in “php echo” or being a copywriter of letter “a”. Twitter consulting could be a job, but can’t be a job title. In order to consult people about Twitter you have to know a lot more then just how to use Twitter.

Game Over SEOz!With SEO, we have pretty much the same situation. It’s been a long time since SEO simply moved from technical to marketing job. On-site optimization can be easily learned by marketers while off-site optimization has nothing to do with technical background.

Since backlinks have became so powerful ranking factor in search engines in the past few years, the successful SEO has to rely on off-site optimization. The problem is, you don’t have a technical solution for building backlinks (at least not white-hat one) since there is no such thing as white-hat link building campaign.

This leads us to conclusion that in order to do proper SEO, you need to:

  • Understand the concept of content marketing and link bait
  • Be a good and innovative copywriter
  • Understand social networks and other online communication channels
  • Build a network
  • Build a community
  • Know your niche and competitors
  • Understand your customers

You see, this is not something that fits the description of an SEO consultant or “search engine optimizer”. SEO became just a small part of one much larger area of expertise – Inbound Marketing.

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  1. Hi,

    Didn’t realise you had a blog. Would agree that there isn’t really such a thing as a WH link building campaign. As soon as you do anything just or largely for links it’s not white hat IMO.

  2. SEO IS an inbound marketing technique. To say that inbound marketing will destroy SEO just doesn’t make sense because SEO is a part of inbound marketing and you’re just not comparing apples to apples. SEO is still a very valid marketing approach when you want to reach out to people that are doing online research for a product or service. Social Networking provides additional branding, as well as endorsements, but it touches consumers at a different point in the buying process than SEO does.

  3. Great post. here in Brasil people still not up to date with the inbound marketing culture, but still, some process in the inbound marketing universe are taken, despite don’t “knowing” the Inbound Marketing term. Well, i go first. The fellows in IMU were great. In 4 months i’m alone put my website grader up to 85, my twittergrader up to 78, and some bussines are in going.
    That’s the only way. Inbound Marketing.

  4. Great post! I think that SEOs will find themselves increasingly having to work hand in hand with SEM and ORM consultants under the guidance of an online strategist.

    We are beginning to witness the integration of SEO, SEM, ORM (online reputation management) and online PR in digital agencies. Traditional PR and SEO agencies take heed!

  5. I like your copywriter analogy Toni!

    Inbound marketing starts with getting found — or in other words, inbound links. And inbound links are all about creating interesting, informative, and relevant content.

    Twitter is NOT social marketing….it’s just a small (and very cool) part of it.

  6. Bravo Toni!

    Twitter is just a piece of a comprehensive marketing strategy. I wonder what the Twitsultant recommends if the better option for the client is to spend more time on Linkedin?
    Oh well, maybe he/she is helping folks send more valuable tweets (and that’s not a bad thing, I guess). Thanks for the great post!

  7. Off-page SEO includes various channels of inbound marketing that returns organic SEO results and you obtain natural high search engine rankings. So, article marketing, press release marketing, video marketing, etc are all helping SEO. I doubt if “Killing” it is the right term.

  8. According to Free Dictionary, Twit means:

    To taunt, ridicule, or tease, especially for embarrassing mistakes or faults.

    Informal a foolish or stupid person

    a person lacking intelligence or common sense


  9. “Twittsultant” – That’s genius, haha.

    I think understanding your customers is a key point really. There is no point doing aload of SEO/marketing while targetting the wrong people.


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