Is YouTube the Future of Internet Advertising?

Creating YouTube videos can be a valuable online marketing strategy and many marketers around the world are already using it for viral campaigns. it is a well-know known fact that YouTube is the largest video-serving website on the planet, but no one expected that YouTube would become such a big player in the search industry.

ComScore reports that YouTube now generates 25% of all Google searches making it the 2nd largest search engine. A few years ago, when YouTube first started the video revolution on the Web, its power as a search engine was not anticipated. YouTube is now generating more searches then Yahoo!, the previous second most popular search engine.

This ComScore data also indicates that search engine industry is going through a surprising big change: that the battle for search industry domination is far from over. Other major search engines will have to adapt the way they serve their search results as the world is slowly adopting to new age of the Internet–and age dominated not by text and pictures but with videos. With time, video content will become more important than text and pictures and marketing campaigns will have to adopt to the technological advancement if they are to succeed.

Not many marketers realize this yet. As a result, video marketing is far less competitive than other forms of marketing. Some of the early adopters of viral video marketing via YouTube have made a significant results with minimal investments.

YouTube is currently dominated by small budget video producers, often individuals. People like Philip DeFranco, Michael Buckley, Lisa Nova, Kev Jumba, Fred and similar are investing almost no money in to their video production while earning (most of them) over $ 100k per month from their YouTube videos. Soon this will change as marketers around the world start accepting this new trend in marketing. Some change is already visible, as Pepsi launched their “PopTub” YouTube channel where they are trying to indirectly promote themselves. They gave the show its own identity and only attached a small Pepsi logo inside the videos. This makes Pepsi one of the early adopters of this new age in Internet advertising.

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  1. Agreed!

    In my opinion Youtube could also be leveraged to help the struggling music industry. Recent research suggests that more people use youtube to find music tracks more than anything else. Whether these tracks have a commercial music video doesnt seem to matter, people are essentially using youtube as a music search engine. There is money to be made by all the bedroom video producers as a lot of artists and lables dont have the budget for a snazzy video.

    But where there could also be growth in the royalty free music industry. Youtube will mute any video that uses unlicensed music; even if the user has created their own video.

    So, with the rise of youtube there are potential profits to be had for the bedroom music or video producer out there!

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