Online Marketing

Inchoo newsletter is out!

We’ve sent out our first e-commerce newsletter – the November edition. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you’re missing out on finding out even more about us and our work. The “sign up” box wasn’t one of the most highlighted features on our site so far, but we’ll make sure you don’t miss it in the future.

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Will you be our Facebook fan?

Do you use Facebook? If you do, we invite you to visit our newly created Facebook Page With the goal to gather the people who are interested in eCommerce or iPhone development, we created this one. Even in case you are not interested in these topics, you might be interested to know what is happening in our team. The goal of the page is to create a mini community of the people with similar interest. In case you are one of them, click on “BECOME A FAN” button and you’ll start following us.

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How are you using your HSoS?

You probably wonder what is HSoS? It stands for “Hottest Spot on Site“.

HSoS is a spot on an URL that is most noticeable. It’s not to be confused with spot / spots that get noticed first, it’s simply a spot that stands out the most on a website, no matter how long you stay on it.

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This is why SEO ranking reports are useless

A quick question: is it possible to be ranked number one and number two hundred on Google for a certain keyword? A quick answer: Yes it is.

Google’s ranking algorithm has changed so much in the past few years that SEOs that have been living under the rock for the past few years can’t optimize your site anymore. It is now a common knowledge among the real SEO professionals that ranking has been dead for a long time.

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Twitter lists you should follow

It’s been all over the web… Twitter rolled out the most useful feature it ever head – Twitter lists. I bet all of you started building your own lists as soon as you got the access to this feature and those of you who follow a lot of people found it extremely painful to organize all of the people you follow into lists.

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