Where were you from in 2010?

If you are a regular visitor of our blog, you will know that we usually write about Magento. Sometimes about WordPress, tools we use or we are just making fun. This article is a little different. It is not about us. It is about you. We will overview 10 top world cities that visit this site. This way we wish to thank you for your visits, comments and inquiries. 🙂

According to Google Analytics, your dearest website had 663,369 uniques in 2010. Here is the list of top 10 cities where most of our visitors were coming from at 2010. There are some that you could expect and there are some surprises.

1. London, United Kingdom

Visits: 22,368
Although it is not a huge surprise that London is the top city, it is a surprise that it has over double visits compared to 2nd closest. Since there are many ISPs visitors are coming from, it looks like there is a lot of Magento development subjects that are generating majority of the visits.

2. Osijek, Croatia

Visits: 9,537
Our dearest Osijek is not a surprise also. Inchoo is located at this cozy town of 100.000 population at north-east of Croatia. I guess most of those visits came from the employees.

3. Paris, France

Visits: 9,326
Another European capital. Looks like there are French people who want to read English language after all. Magento community is strong in France, gathered around Fragento site I guess.

4. Chennai, India

Visits: 8,231
I’m not sure how did it happen, but this city of 4,6 mil people is full of Magento developers. If you google for “Chennai Magento”, you will find whole army of Magento developers, freelancers, hosting companies, courses and teachers. There is a rumor that they are building a monument for Roy Rubin at the central square. (Just joking)

5. Sydney, Australia

Visits: 6,887
Although 3 of our designers (Lyssandro, Renato and Rafael) are living or were living there, I am sure they were not the only ones who are visiting us from there.

6. New York, USA

Visits: 6,706
Ok, ok. This one needs no explanation. It would be weird if we didn’t have Big Apple on this list. We usually have cca 18 visits/day from New York, but for some weird reason on February, 4th we got 194 at the same day. 90% were direct visits. Maybe some article was published about us at some newspaper. However, it looks like we’ll never know why on this particular day number of visits increased so drastically.

7. Pune, India

Visits: 6,509
1,121 km from Chennai lies Pune with 3,4 mil people and very similar percentage of Magento developers. I am wondering if you guys are organized somehow. Do some institutions support this kind of massive specialization in your city?

8. Hanoi, Vietnam

Visits: 6,079
We know that our beloved Asia Connect guys are from this city. Long time ago they were stealing our articles, but later we made a peace pact when they started to place a credit line and backlink to original article. Beside Asia Connect, there are a lot of freelancers and companies specializing in Magento.

9. Mumbai (Bombay), India

Visits: 5,542
This wast city of over 13 million people is not a surprise. City is well known for software industry and Magento knowledge-seekers should not be much different.

10. Zagreb, Croatia

Visits: 5,283
Although this is Croatian capital, it is a little surprise. Magento is not so popular in Croatia. I believe there are only few stores here and we get only rare Magento inquiries. Despite the fact, we are very glad to have purgers on the list.

Once more, thank you our dear visitors for coming here, arguing, asking questions and sharing knowledge. We’ll be with you in 2011. 🙂

So, where are you from?

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  1. hello Inchoers ..

    I am Ahsan Shahzad from Pakistan.

    For now a days, I am in Sweden but I am interested to know how many people visited your portal from Pakistan?

    By the way, you are doing marvelous job and I like Branko alot for his technical wisdom.

    Keep up the good work!

    Thanks again!

  2. Hey guys, you do great stuff.
    I’d like to hear more secrets you have) I understand that if someone is struggling with one problem this doesn’t mean another developer has ever heard about. But I wish to see solutions on your blog’s pages)
    Btw, how about visitors from Taganrog, Russia? We have several teams there.
    Also, what about Minsk, Belarus? Our main office is located there, as well as the best Magento extensions developers (AheadWorks and AITOC).

  3. Hi Renato,

    Last year Brazil was 10th on the list with 15100 visitors where top cities were Sao, Rio, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Campinas and Brasilia.

    Rabe, are you registered at GoNab!t Amman? This is one of our portfolio items. 😉

    Thanks guys!

  4. Hey @kiatng. Kuala Lumpur is 53rd city with 2050 visits last year. Malaysia itself is 28th country with 3919 visits.

    @Dumbrava. Nice to meet you. I know a guy from Targu Mures: Horea Burca, Flash developer who works part time in Surgeworks. Romania is 15th on our list with 11,500 visits.


  5. Hi, I’m from Targu Mures, Romania. I visit this site a lot and I must admint I started learning magento using Branko’s blog then this blog here. Thank you for the resources!

    PS: on which place is Romania?

  6. Hi Tomi..

    I am from calicut, 685 km away from chennai
    I couldn’t see any such institution here to teach magento, but i am sure there lots of companies and freelances here who is developing application using magento like me 🙂


  7. @Ravi I bet that the data is gathered from GA.

    Here’s a shout from Kuala Lumpur. I’m surprised on Hanoi. What’s the number of visits from Malaysia?

  8. Great article, Tomislav. A nice digression to add some ‘flavor’ between all these professional articles.

  9. Hey Tsvetan! Nice to see some people I met in real life also 🙂 We got 3200 visits from Bulgaria in 2010 where 1700 were from Sofia and 126 from Veliko Tarnovo. Bulgaria is 40th country in our list. Hope that your curiosity is satisfied… Cheers from Osijek!

  10. I am from Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo. I am curious how many visits/year you have from my country. Will be happy if you have chance to share.

    Thank you this statistic information. Great article.

  11. Awesome article Tomislav. BTW. “Purgers” is a local term for people from Zagreb. I know it sounds ridiculous in English but it’s nothing like that in Croatian language 😀

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