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It’s been all over the web… Twitter rolled out the most useful feature it ever head – Twitter lists. I bet all of you started building your own lists as soon as you got the access to this feature and those of you who follow a lot of people found it extremely painful to organize all of the people you follow into lists.

I started creating two lists with our Inchoo twitter account: Magento twitter List and Inbound Marketing Twitter list. I’m accepting recommendations on which accounts should I add to the lists, please comment if you know I’m missing someone who really deserves to be there.

Here are the Magento related Twitter lists you can follow:

Here are Inbound Marketing (SEO, SEM, SMM) Twitter lists you can follow:

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  1. Just a little bit of update: Our Magento list is now followed by more people then there are on the list! 😀 Great success!

  2. I love the new feature I actually just made a twitter account yesterday and its worth it. Good for your business and for any other things you would want people to catch up on. If they are following you cool and congrats to twitter.

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