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Do you want to be a contributing writer to our blog?

You think that you have a great idea and want to submit a guest post to us?

We welcome you as we always want to read something (or find out about something) for which we can say “That’s a great piece of writing!”. Unfortunately, not every one of you can become a guest writer for us.


In the past, we have received many propositions which we had to turn down because of low quality. Because of that, we are accepting guest posts only if those posts are following certain rules.


Please, read carefully our guest posting guidelines. If you can comply with them you will find at the end of this page a form for submitting your articles. If you do not accept our rules (in essence – our guest post agreement) – do not send us your article.


General Rules


Important Rules


What will you get

As stated in General Rules – You are agreeing that you will not be entitled to any compensation for writing the published blog post (or for writing an unpublished blog post proposal).


If you are doing this for money – some services will gladly pay you for your expertise and knowledge, but not us.


Writing for Inchoo will get you something else (in no particular order):

Website/LinkedIn Traffic – traffic from the published blog post(s) to the writers’ website/profile. However, that link will be “no follow” because of Google rules regarding outbound links in case of guest blogs.

Personal Authority – Make contact with more readers by guest posting on Inchoo. And, if you, or your writing, are good enough then you could become an expert in their eyes and particular niche.

Fan Base – this is an excellent opportunity to grow your social media fan base. Increase the number of your followers by sharing your guest blog post which will be seen as proof of your expertise (and we shall share it too!).

Influence somebody – If you think that you are good enough, that you have needed expertise and wisdom, try to influence readers of the Inchoo blog. But, do not take this lightly – it is a hard thing to do. 😉


Blog Themes

At the moment we accept any article themes that are about:


  1. 1. eCommerce
  2. 2. Development (backend, frontend, Magento…)
  3. 3. Digital marketing (Google ads, Google Analytics, & Marketing trends at the moment)


But, if you have a great piece of writing about something that is not stated above for which you think that it would be awesome to publish on our blog – send us your article (please, indicate this in the form under “Anything you would like to add?”)


Guest blogger profile

The author is not given access to our CMS. This is done because of a bad experience with previous guest blog authors. Because of that, if we choose your article proposal, you will receive an email with a request to send us additional info for your bio, social, and other needed information. Upon receiving that, we will open a user with your name, but with our email and passwords.


If there are comments on your article we will inform you about it and, if you send us an answer in the next 60h we will answer using your “user persona”. If we do not receive any answer in given time we will give the answer ourselves.


Form to submit an article

Looking forward to your submissions!

Note: if we accept your blog post proposition – we will contact you.