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Karlo Leksic

Frontend Developer

Karlo Leksic

Meet Karlo, our Frontend Developer and a FERIT graduate with a degree in Computer Science. His academic excellence earned him an award for success and a two-year STEM scholarship.

At Inchoo, he's currently diving into the world of frontend development and is open to learn more about the whole process of making websites in the future. He values receiving advice from experienced colleagues to become independent and perform his tasks effectively.

Before joining our team, Karlo worked as a software developer. Impressed with cool things like LEDs, microcontrollers, and IoT, he dreams of creating a smart house someday. Apart from tech stuff, Karlo has experience as a call center agent.

Karlo combines his hobby of electronics with 3D printing and drawing, creating custom components. He also enjoys using all sorts of tools and doesn't mind getting his hands dirty, even in construction work as he's been part of a long-standing project of building a house.

Karlo isn't just about coding and IT; he loves adrenaline rushes. Whether it's extreme sports, heights, or thrilling adventures, he's up for it. And when he's not chasing excitement, you'll find him enjoying some loud music.

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