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Magento SEO Services

Do you want to drive traffic to your Magento store and generate more conversions through organic search results? If the answer is yes, perhaps you might need SEO experts to keep an eye on your SEO setup on a regular basis.

eCommerce SEO services

We’re a full-service eCommerce agency specialized in Magento development with a team of experienced SEO experts aimed to push your business in the right direction.

Certified Magento SEO experts

Having a team of SEO experts that are also certified by Magento is a great bonus because we know how to implement best SEO practices specifically for the Magento platform.

Is SEO really an ongoing process?

SEO strategy can’t be set in stone. Best practices in eCommerce depend on different technical challenges and Google algorithm changes, so your SEO strategy needs to be able to adapt. That’s why we work together with you on defining achievable but challenging, short and long-term goals.


Magento SEO Best Practises

Are you following Magento SEO best practices?

If you’re looking for a quick way to find that out, you should check out our Magento SEO Audit service, which is also the first step of our ongoing SEO service. In our SEO Audit, you’ll get a detailed analysis of your site’s technical SEO from our SEO experts with a set of actionable recommendations on how to improve the SEO health of your online store. You can read more about it below.

Magento Search Engine Optimization in a nutshell


Technical SEO

How’s your site architecture doing? Is it simple enough for search crawlers to crawl everything without getting confused? Are your URLs SEO-friendly? That’s the first and foremost thing we want to find out. We’ll manually analyze the site architecture, SEO extensions, and Magento configuration to provide you with instructions for structured data markup implementation, XML sitemap configuration, and robots.txt.


Keyword Research

You don’t feel like you belong on page 2 of any search engine? Good, because we don’t want that for you either! To make you more visible to your potential customers, we’ll dive into keyword research for every category page to spot the biggest opportunities for improving organic traffic. We’ll also look for keywords that bring you the most traffic, get to know where your links are coming from, and how you are doing as opposed to your competitors.


Onsite SEO

Do you know how duplicated content, broken links, redirect loops, and toxic backlinks can harm your SEO performance? Our goal is to eliminate all of them, and fix them as soon as they occur. Then, we can start improving metadata such as page titles, meta descriptions, and headings based on always freshly done keyword research, and intent. Not to forget, we’ll prepare SEO recommendations for your Content Marketers!


SEO Consulting

To us, SEO isn’t just a one-time thing. That’s why we monitor SEO tools such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Semrush, Ahrefs and Screaming Frog on a daily basis. Daily monitoring will keep us up-to-date with all changes in the industry to provide you with suggestions for your further growth. We’ll provide your development team (or ours, if you go full-service) with all SEO-related ideas, and requirements for further optimizations.

Magento SEO Module

Inchoo’s Magento 2 SEO Module

We developed our own SEO Module to improve your online store’s organic traffic!

Inchoo’s Magento 2 SEO Module is the solution for advanced technical SEO setup on your store, allowing you to create additional rules adjusted to your specific needs, all in favor of getting the most out of your SEO optimization.

We think Inchoo is pretty great, but don’t take our word for it.

We’ve been in the eCommerce game for over 14 years now. We know Magento by heart and have what it takes to boost your online store to the next level on search engines. We can go on, but we think it’s better if you get to know us through the words of our clients with similar businesses like yours.

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