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With know-how from hundreds of websites developed for partners from all over the world, we can guide you on your path of growing your eCommerce business.

Our goal is to form a win-win partnership with every client through a long-lasting and open business relationship. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

Each merchant has a unique story, and so do you. Because of that, we have a unique approach with every client. By combining web design, development, digital marketing and consulting services aligned with the culture based on integrity and passion, we can prepare and execute a high-performing eCommerce strategy.

Trusted and recognized by many

We started our eCommerce journey way back in 2008. During that time there were more than 200 clients who put their trust in us to grow their businesses. And we have succeeded. Check out some of the testimonials of clients who are happy with our services.

We’re certified Magento experts

From developers to designers and marketers, all Inchoo teams possess official Magento certifications. However, more than the certificates, our expertise stems from successfully completing over 500 projects on Magento!

Working on many different projects across the world, we have familiarized ourselves with many different industries and niches.

Make the most of that experience!

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Starting from scratch, migrating to another platform or improving your existing store? We’re here for you!


We offer design solutions for your Magento websites based on user-centered experience and usability. Solutions from certified UI & UX specialists.


Improve your business with data-driven digital marketing working on constant optimization and always striving for better results.

Inchoo’s Core Values



Being a true business partner means having an open conversation at all times. We ask a lot of questions, and we give our opinions. We often challenge our clients and their requests, to avoid making some costly mistakes and to make sure we’re on the same page. At the end of the day, we tell it like it is, and our clients love us for that.



Development is at the very core of our being. We started as a primarily Magento custom development company, then grew into an agency, but still, everything we do starts with technical excellence. Our processes are streamlined to ensure that we deliver high-quality solutions, and certifications are only icing on the cake.



As much as we love solving technical challenges, we love getting our hands dirty with the numbers. And there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing our clients’ growth. We are also into sharing the knowledge with the rest of the Magento community and the entire eCommerce ecosystem. Check our blog and meet us at many events around the world!

Meet the Inchooers

Bunch of experts in different areas. Get to know us up close.

15 years of experience

  1. Inchoo enters the world of eCommerce

    On this day, Inchoo became a registered legal subject. Just a few months later, our first Magento project hit the Web: TeraFlex Suspension. It was a Magento & WordPress integration, and those were quite popular at the time.

    Inchoo 2008
  2. Inchoo becomes Magento Silver Solution Partner

    Proud to become part of an elite group of certified experts in the Magento platform, which by that time was firmly established as the no.1 eCommerce platform in the world.

    Inchoo Magento Solution Partner
  3. We helped build the local developers community

    At a meetup called “Grab an IT job”, Osijek Software City was presented to the public. A year later, the OSC became a non-profit organization for the developers’ community in our home town.

    Inchoo Osijek Software City
  4. Our client awarded the best eCommerce website in Kuwait!

    When your client wins an award for the best eCommerce site in their country, that’s remarkable., a daily deal website based in Kuwait, operating in several other countries, is about to receive the Kuwait e-Award from the Emir of Kuwait later this week.

    Inchoo Sheel
  5. We brought Magento Developers Paradise to Croatia

    DevParadise is an annual conference of (Meet) Magento Association aimed specifically at Magento developers. The idea is to have “Lots of code and fun in the sun”, and we had plenty of it for sure. This was the biggest event we organized thus far, with 235 delegates.

    Inchoo developers paradise
  6. First-ever Meet Magento Croatia

    For the first time ever in Croatia, in Inchoo’s home town Osijek, we were honored to welcome over 200 delegates from 18 countries and 5 continents at the Meet Magento conference.

  7. Our long-term client Zee & Co wins Best Mobile eCommerce Award 2019

    Increasing conversions on mobile is one of the hottest topics in eCommerce. We did such a great job on it with our client Zee & Co that they won the award at the eCommerce Expo & Awards ceremony in London!

    Inchoo Zee ecommerce awards
  8. Magento 1 End of Life

    Adobe stopped supporting the 12-year-old Magento 1.x release line. The ecosystem was improved, and many merchants decided to migrate to the Magento 2 platform.

    Magento 1 EOL
  9. Specializing in Automotive eCommerce

    With a numerous automotive Magento 2 projects, we’ve prepared a specialized eBook which summarizes our experience and serves as a guide for successfull automomotive websites.

    illustration - ebook
  10. Inchoo’s SEO module

    Being full service means that our experts are working on developing internal solutions for our clients. One of them is our SEO module which allows advanced technical SEO setup on our clients Magento 2 stores.

  11. Inchoo Flavored Magento

    In the fall of 2022, we have presented Inchoo Flavored Magento, our Magento 2 starting point
    combining most-needed modules and removing the uneccessary ones. Our unique flavor of Magento is a result of more than 14 years mastering our skills and proactively learning Magento by heart.

    Inchoo Flavored Magento
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