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Are you looking for designers that will help you improve the usability of your store? Someone who will design a seamless user-centered experience? Designers who don’t rely only on the creative spark, but also do the heavy data crunching and dig deep into researching users before making UX decisions? Look no further!

Custom Design

Create a completely new, unique experience for your visitors.

UX improvements

Identify challenges users are facing, and implement incremental changes.

UX Audit

Get a detailed report of UX improvement suggestions. More about UX audit.

Why Inchoo design Team ?

Our designers are eCommerce experts, that are Magento Certified Solution Specialists and UX certified by Nielsen Norman Group, with years of experience in building attractive online stores. Their design decisions aren't guided by just what's visually appealing. They are always backed up by data, that comes from user research and deep understanding of analytics (HotJar and Google Analytics). All of them are passionate writers and public speakers about UX and UI.

Our Design process



Using analytics tools, user research and user surveys, we’ll collect data about your business,
market and customers, and define problems we’re trying to solve.

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What we'll do:

  • Stakeholders interviews
  • UX competitor analysis
  • User survey
  • Google Analytics and Hotjar analysis

What to expect:

  • The primary goal of the discovery phase is to understand your business and users.
  • After we finish this phase, we'll have a good understanding of the goals we are aiming to reach.


Creating user personas, mapping out user flows and creating a detailed sitemap, will help us
understand your customers and their needs even better.

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What we'll do:

  • User personas
  • User flows
  • Sitemap

What to expect:

  • Defined user personas, user journeys, and a sitemap. Defined points of work to improve the site flows and overall user experience.
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What we'll do:

  • Wireframes
  • Interactive prototype

What to expect:

  • Concepts of peviously defined optimizations and flows.
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Validating ideas

What we'll do:

  • User testing

What to expect:

  • Validated ideas which minimize risks and allow us to refine solutions through iteration.

UI Design

The UI will be delivered as a clickable prototype from homepage to checkout, providing
insight into what the final product will look and feel like.

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What we'll do:

  • Moodboard
  • Style guide
  • UI design
  • Interactive prototype

What to expect:

  • A designed user interface with a complete style guide.

Post Launch Care

We don't say farewell after the launch!
We'll continue to monitor your store after the launch to continuously improve the user experience by making small incremental changes, recommending new features, and conducting A/B tests to optimize the conversion rate. The results will be presented in an eCommerce UX Scorecard prepared quarterly to track the effectiveness of our work.


We combine the analytical with creative thinking to design visually attractive and high-converting eCommerce stores. Get in touch and turn your visitors into customers!

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