Inchoo’s eCommerce Google Analytics Audit

If you’re setting up a new eCommerce store and you want to have everything under control, or if you’re having doubts about the data you get from Google (Universal) Analytics, you came to the right place! Our Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager experts can give you specific recommendations based on your current GA setup with detailed Google Analytics audit.

Poorly implemented Google (Universal) Analytics tracking and inaccurate data can mislead you into making bad business decisions, so get your GA setup audited before it’s too late. Understand your data and improve your online store results.

Google Analytics Audit

What you’ll get with our Google Analytics audit report

With our Google Analytics audit report, you’ll get a comprehensive analysis of your account setup and recommendations for Advanced GTM/UA tracking, including:

  • a detailed analysis of your current setup
  • recommendations for additional tracking using Universal Analytics features and Google Tag Manager (a custom solution that supports custom dimensions, events, etc.)
  • recommendations for custom dimensions, custom metrics, custom reports
  • analysis of Goals configuration in your UA account
  • Site-search tracking analysis
  • eCommerce tracking configuration analysis
  • linking Google Analytics with Google Search Console & Google Ads (AdWords)
  • Events tracking setup (analysis and recommendations for advanced event tracking with GTM)

Why should you choose us to audit your GA account?

Inchoo’s experts are primarily eCommerce specialists with extensive experience and knowledge in Advanced Analytics and Google Tag Manager. We know what’s important and how to track it in GA.

Although you may be satisfied with the data you gather through your current UA setup, with Advanced Analytics and Google Tag Manager, you can get much more. Seize the opportunity to collect valuable information about your customers and product performances with a help from our GA experts and improve your online sales.

Is it Google Analytics or Universal Analytics?

Universal Analytics is a name for the new, improved version of the household “Google Analytics” name everyone’s gotten really used to, and after all it is an analytics tool from Google, so we prefer to still use the old one. With that said, we’re working with the latest products and all of our clients do in fact use Universal Analytics. Hope this clarifies confusion if there was any. We’d love to talk to you about this topic too!

We know Magento & Google Analytics!

Get top recommendations for your online store from our eCommerce experts.


Get your Google Analytics setup on track by following the recommendations you’ll get from our top GA eCommerce experts with Google Analytics Audit. Let’s get started!