Magento SEO Audit

Do you want to know where your online store stands in terms of its performance on search engines? Hire experts to get an in-depth analysis of your store’s technical SEO and advice that will help you generate more traffic to your business!

What is an SEO audit?

Magento 2 SEO best practices are changing all the time, so it’s crucial to conduct regular checkups regardless of your site’s technical stability. With our SEO audit we’ll leave you with a to-do list of needed fixes in Google Analytics, user experience and overall SEO.

How long does it take?

Our SEO Audit typically takes 2 to 3 weeks to be completed. We don’t use automated process that can be applied to every store. Instead, our SEO consultants make sure to provide you with useful recommendations for your eCommerce business specifically.

Who performs an SEO audit?

Our team of digital marketers who are Google Analytics & GTM specialists, and SEO experts gather their knowledge at the table to serve you with a complete analysis of the current state of your site from an SEO perspective.

We’ll need access to…

Magento Admin

This is the first step. We have to examine the live site, browse through different pages to get a better understanding of your business.

Google Analytics

We also have to take a look at the Google Analytics data to see if any traffic drops can correlate with known Google algorithm updates.

Google Search Console

By having a peek at your Search Console, we’ll figure out if it’s properly configured and if not, we’ll provide you with actionable advice.

Who is this for?

If it’s been a while since you looked up the latest trends, it is more than likely that the practices you’re using are old-fashioned. You might not be aware that you’re missing a significant amount of traffic, customers, and sales due to outdated SEO practices and methods.

What do we cover with our SEO Audit?


Google Analytics Setup

The numbers, what do they mean? Inaccurate data and poorly implemented Google Analytics tracking can mislead you and cause you to make bad business decisions. That’s why our Google Analytics experts will check your current setup and see if there is a place for improvement.


Technical SEO Analysis

After getting familiar with your business needs, we will examine the whole body of your online shop from an SEO point of view and go in deep with technicalities. We’ll make you a to-do list of needed fixes for everything we notice: from GSC check-ups to thin/duplicate content issues, meta robots, canonicals, and overall metadata to Structured Data Markup, redirects, and sitemaps.



User Experience Checkup

We also briefly dabble in your user experience setup. Analysis of things such as main navigation, catalog pages, and checkout is a great starting point for you to know what to focus on to perform better. How so, you asked? Because your online store has a better chance of performing when your SEO strategist knows how your users behave and what problems are they encountering in your online shop.


Recommendations for Next Steps

To wrap it all up, we’ll conclude our SEO audit with extensive notes of everything we noticed – good or bad. The final result of our service is a detailed report in which you’ll get an actionable recommendation on how to improve the SEO health of your online store.

However, an audit without proper implementation of said recommendations could be a waste a huge waste of time and financial resources. That’s why SEO can never be a one-time thing. For a more long-term approach, check out our ongoing SEO services!

We know Magento and we have certifications to back us up on that…



With a detailed report like this one and an actionable set of recommendations applied, you won’t be losing any more traffic, just generating new ones.

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