UX Audit

Poor user experience leads customers away from your store. Don’t let it happen to you! We’ll check if your eCommerce site effectively converts visitors into satisfied and repeat customers and discover how to boost your conversions and user experience.

Our UX audit is performed by our UX experts, who are certified Magento Specialists and UX certified by Nielsen Norman Group.

What’s a UX audit

eCommerce UX Audit is an expert analysis of your eCommerce site. It helps you identify user experience problems that slow down or prevent customers from finding products or completing a purchase. If your store has decent traffic yet low conversion, a UX audit can help you discover why that’s the case and offer solutions with proven UX design principles. 

The final audit report provides an insightful list of actionable items on how to improve your eCommerce website. Put into action, these changes result in an improved user experience, positively affecting conversions and improving customer satisfaction!

Why and when to consider a UX audit

  • You’re noticing low conversion rate, many bounces and abandoned shopping carts.
  • You’re planning a redesign, but first, you want to know your current designs strengths and weaknesses to address them during the redesign.
  • Customers regularly contact support for information they should easily find themselves.
  • You want to obtain expert recommendations, improve your site’s usability, and ensure that your customers genuinely prefer your site over competitors.

How do you benefit from a UX Audit

Improved user experience

eCommerce UX audit checks the usability of your site. It assesses all interfaces and pinpoints troubling spots. This information allows you to make informed decisions when implementing improvements.

Increased conversion rate

Conversion correlates to user experience. Audit analyses the eCommerce funnel and identifies weak spots preventing customers from completing purchases and other tasks on the site.

Customer retention

Excellent user experience makes it more likely for customers to return. It also boosts engagement and loyalty. 

Cost savings

The earlier usability issues are spotted, the earlier they can be addressed. This saves you time and money.

Enhancing a website’s usability involves crafting a user experience that aligns with customer requirements, supporting business objectives, and fostering long-term success.

What’s included in the UX audit

Benchmarking the site’s usability against a set of research-backed best practices in eCommerce

Benchmarking your store’s usability to your competitors

Customer behavior analysis using analytical tools

Set of suggestions for improvement with detailed descriptions and examples

How the audit is conducted

Data Collection

The first step involves gathering information about your business, customers, and competitors and assessing your site’s architecture and functionalities. We’ll need access to your Analytics to get acquainted with the most frequent customer flows, traffic sources, and different eCommerce metrics.

Data collection also involves initiating session recordings, configuring heat maps for crucial areas of the site, and surveying your customers. Observing customer behaviour from a first-hand perspective and getting their feedback provides invaluable insights into their interactions and on-site experience.

Competitive analysis

The second step of the audit is benchmarking your site to your closest competitors. This provides an overview of where your business stands in a larger context and helps identify what you or your competitors are doing better than each other

Usability analysis

The third step of the UX Audit is a heuristic evaluation – the usability evaluation method used in user experience (UX) design and usability testing. It involves an expert assessing your site against established heuristics or usability principles. It’s based on existing usability heuristics and best practices in the eCommerce industry.  During this evaluation, our experts will wear your customer’s shoes, pass the entire customer journey, and note challenges your customers encounter. 


The report contains a detailed overview of the site’s user experience, a list of UX issues ranked by severity, and actionable recommendations on how to solve them.

A typical timeframe for completing a UX audit is approximately four weeks. After completing the audit report, we schedule a meeting to discuss the findings and recommendations and answer any of your questions.


Struggling with usability challenges? Get a detailed expert report and recommendations for improving your site’s usability.

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