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With our data-driven approach, get a detailed in-depth analysis of your store's usability and expert advice on changes that will improve your user experience and increase conversions!

How long does it take?

Our UX audit typically takes 2 weeks to be

What will you get?

PDF report (30 - 60 pages) on identified
issues and recommendations for

What is a UX Audit?

Inchoo's user experience (UX) audit is an in-depth analysis of how users interact with your store, resulting in a detailed report on clear and useful UX improvement suggestions for your website.

Our UX audit is performed by our UX experts, who are certified Magento Specialists and UX certified by Nielsen Norman Group. The audit process and final report will provide an insightful user-focused list of actionable advice on how to improve your website. Put into action, these changes will result in an improved user experience directly affecting conversion rates and improving your customer satisfaction!
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Who should consider performing a UX Audit?

  • eCommerce managers who are experiencing usability, discoverability or accessibility issues on their websites, and need to take the first step in identifying opportunities for improvement.
  • Merchants who are thinking of store redesign, to get a solid foundation to make good, data-driven decisions on design and usability changes.
  • Merchants who want to improve customer satisfaction and their conversion rates.
  • eCommerce professionals who always seek an opportunity to improve their store or need reassuring that their current design is following the best industry practices and, more importantly, the needs of their customers.

How do we perform a UX Audit?

Take a look at our process below. While we place the biggest emphasis on the end result, we combine the state of the art tools and leading industry practices to ensure that during the process we don't leave out anything that's crucial, and that you will get the UX analysis of the highest quality.


Competitive Usability

We'll benchmark your store's usability to those of your competitors. This will give you a clear and concise overview of how your store performs compared to your competition.

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Heuristic Analysis/Review

After identifying usability issues, we'll get into more details and suggestions.

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Data Gathering (Google Analytics, HotJar, User Surveys)

Using Analytics and Hotjar we'll gather data about your customer segment, their behaviour and how they interact with the store. We'll also ask for their input using short, unintrusive surveys.

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Defining of User Personas and User Flows

Based on gathered user data, we'll build personas - most common customer segment representatives. This helps us discover their goals and in-store paths to completing those goals.

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Usability Analysis of Defined Flows

Unlike the previous heuristic analysis, whose goal is to discover all the issues of the store, following the in-store paths of predefined personas enables us to see which users have the most challenges while completing their tasks. This way we can prioritize issues to be fixed.

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Many website owners are not aware of issues users are experiencing while interacting with their store. Don't assume you understand your users and their problems. Our UX audit will allow you to make more informed decisions, based on real data!

How to implement the findings from UX Audit?

Clear, specific, and useful improvement suggestions you will receive from our UX audit are a great starting point for you to understand what to focus on and what to prioritize in order to improve your business results. We can also help you implement some or all of the suggested changes, depending on your plans and existing vendor relationships.

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