Magento 2 Migration

As your business evolves and continues to grow, you may find yourself in a situation where the current platform is standing in your way. Your decision to re-platform is a good and obvious choice, but there is more to it than just selecting the right platform.

Having an experienced company with a deep understanding and long history in eCommerce that will take a tailored approach to your data migration and re-platforming needs will ensure that your Magento 2 migration story becomes a successful one.

What should you expect from migration?

  • Your new solution should solve existing problems, not introduce new ones.
  • Data structure from your current solution should not dictate how your new platform should be used or set up.
  • Your current customizations should not be blindly copied over. Instead, UX best practices and platform flows should be taken into account.
  • Your new solution needs to be aligned with your plans and goals. Even if some features will not be used straight away, they should be planned from the start.
  • The new system should open new possibilities for you. Be that a new type of customization, user flow, or new integration, you should be expecting more.
  • Just because two systems work differently, does not mean information should be lost. It may be presented differently to you and your customers, but it should be there.
  • You and your customers should expect a smooth and seamless transition from one system to another.
  • You want a development partner that takes ownership of technical solution including responsibility for uptime, monitoring and daily operations, and security upgrades.

What do we offer?

Other solutions to Magento 2

Various platforms come with various data structures. Translating those directly in Magento may not be a problem. However, in that process, you need someone to look past the mere mapping of data. Someone who understands your business needs and someone who can organize information in a way that will allow you to move forward and grow, not burdened by the decisions you made on the last platform.

We will ensure that the system is well planned, configured, and fits your needs and processes before mapping and moving the data. That way, product structure will be optimal for Magento. Your customizations will not block you from using any built-in features. Integrations are implemented according to best practices and work without interruptions. This approach ensures smooth operation and allows us to utilize Magento as a platform to its full potential.

Adobe Commerce to Magento Open Source

Moving from Adobe Commerce to Magento Open Source can be rather challenging for merchants. After years of using one platform, it may be hard to determine which functionality you use and might miss. How to replace it, and what would be the best approach? What flows will you have to adjust in your own business to accommodate, and how should they look?

We will guide you through the process, identify points that need special attention, and work with you on forming solutions. Our job is to ensure that your data and functionality are transferred without any loss, filling all the voids that may come as a difference in functionality.

Magento 1 to Magento 2

Moving from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is different from a simple upgrade. While database and code migration tools exist, Magento 2 is more than just a newer software version. It is built on new technology, driven by new concepts. It was meant to be designed and used differently. Simply moving the data from one instance to another will likely result in hitting the same bottlenecks as before.

For us, this is a chance to unlock the potential of new technology, rewrite the code to exploit every benefit that the platform has to offer and structure the data to allow further expansion. For you, this is a chance to concentrate on your business and future goals while we build the online store that will take you there.

Go beyond the data migration!

We see migration as an opportunity to revisit key points, flows, and other aspects of your existing system. Ones that would otherwise be expensive or nearly impossible to change. Those are usually decisions that were made in earlier stages, or made like that because of the platform that is currently used. After all, you are migrating because you have encountered an obstacle, and you are looking for a platform that will help you get over it.

During that process, we strive to offer more than just transferring your data and functionality to your new Magento 2 store. Instead, we do our best to identify which components could be improved, which flows can be enhanced, and which areas can be made even better. We rethink your design and then choose the appropriate technology for the implementation.

The end goal of migration to Magento 2 is to offer your customers an improved experience in every way. To have new possibilities for your business, all of that needs to be done with precision to avoid any loss, so customers have as smooth user experience as possible. 

Our role in the process is to plan and build the system and to guide you through all changes. And finally, to ensure that your new store indeed works and performs as intended once set live.

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    Your data deserves more than a quick transfer

    Give your solution the attention it deserves with our migration strategies designed specifically for your business. We steer clear of generic solutions, ensuring you experience a well-thought-out, personalized, and smooth transition to Magento 2.

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    Get powerful solutions for now and for what’s to come

    Our development approach focuses on maintainability and efficiency to ensure your Magento 2 store stays up-to-date as your business continues to grow. We make solutions that support your business goals and processes.

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    Unlock the full potential of your platform

    Our extensive experience with the Magento platform allowed us to push it beyond its boundaries, tailor it to unique requirements, and run it in different scenarios. Because of that, we will not only maximize your benefit from the system. We will also open you to new possibilities that Magento 2 offers, pushing your business even further.


What our clients say about us

Thanks to Inchoo’s work, the client’s website is now 40% faster, much better looking, and more stable than before. Their team met the client’s expectations due to their knowledge and communication. Customers can expect a prompt team that delivers excellent quality for an affordable price.
Tomislav Bulat
Medical Direct
Inchoo created a fully responsive site from scratch, handling the design, coding, launch, and support. They developed the platform on a Magento enterprise so that it could scale with our future needs. Since then, they’ve continued to maintain our site, monitor our analytics, and constantly revisit areas for improvement.
Joan Johnstone
Zee & Co
Revenue, organic traffic, and conversion rates have all increased as a result of Inchoo’s work. The mobile version of the website delivers a seamless and convenient shopping experience for users. Their team’s professional approach and dedication to the project make them a valuable partner.


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