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Tomas Novoselic

Backend Developer

Tomas is senior backend developer. As Certified Magento Developer, he handles Magento modifications and architects projects in the way that ensures value for years to come.He proved that with his involvement in many of our client success stories.

Before joining Inchoo, Tomas was working in PHP development as an information systems architecture designer, handling tasks of developing large ERP systems. His previous work colleague described him simply as: “eager to learn with great skills in solving problems and debugging. Has strong will and always wants to help.”

Although working in IT is his everyday job, Tomas likes to spend some of his free time exploring technologies, and Linux is his all time favorite. He enjoys an occasional game of table tennis, but mostly just relaxing in good company of his friends and girlfriend.

Latest posts by Tomas Novoselic

Magento 2 Product Quick View

What I’m about to share is still somewhat experimental, so it might be wise to test it and adjust according to your needs before you add it to production.

Those who doesn’t want to read whole article, can access extension directly on github here.

Everyone else, continue reading!
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