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Zeljko Livaja

Backend Developer

Zeljko Livaja

Željko is our Backend Developer with a unique journey into web development. After earning a trade degree from the College of Applied Sciences "Lavoslav Ružička" in Vukovar, he discovered his love for web development. He then decided to take a PHP developer course and continued to learn through various online sources.

Before joining our team, Željko spent eight years managing a local gaming arena. Even during this time, he found ways to use his web development skills by creating a loyalty system and tournament software using Symfony and Laravel. His versatility extends to side projects where he develops WordPress websites, showcasing his proficiency.

At Inchoo, Željko is sculpting his skills under the guidance of our expert team of developers. He doesn't just want to be good at coding - he wants to become a self-reliant developer and share his knowledge with others.

Outside the tech zone, Željko considers himself a blues harmonica player in early retirement. While his last name might allude to football, don't count on finding him on the field - he'll be watching instead. Also, he enjoys running or exploring the world of science fiction. It's always good to have some fun hobbies outside of work, right?

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