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Performance-driven Magento 2 starting point with customized module availability configuration. It aims to remove less common modules and technologies, giving you an enriched user experience with features most merchants need today.

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Inchoo Flavored Magento

Years of experience working with merchants from all over the world have helped us gain insight into the needs of their customers. We added a new flavor to Magento 2 with each insight, improving the recipe over time. Scroll down to see what our flavor is all about.

  • DevOps
  • Digital Marketing
  • Performance
  • User Experience
  • Market-specific Features
  • Additional Features

Core Ingredients

Inchoo Flavored Magento is our base recipe for your UX-centric and high-performing eCommerce store. It consists of groups of modules and processes. Click on each module group to find out what we can bring to the table.

  • User Experience
  • Additional Features
  • Digital Marketing
  • Performance
  • DevOps
  • Market-specific Features

User Experience

Better Breadcrumbs

Better Breadcrumbs are our spin on Magento’s default ones. This improved version allows visitors to have full path info, even if they land directly on the landing page. If the product itself is in more than one category, you have more control over choosing the preferred breadcrumb category as a merchant. Stop seeing Home > Product Name cases.

Load More on Product Listing

The usual Magento Pager on Product Listing is an outdated UX practice since customers nowadays prefer scrolling. Load More functionality allows users to seamlessly scroll down all products you have listed by pressing the more noticeable button.

Live Search View

This technology-agnostic module offers customers autocompleted search results for their queries. A search box dropdown will display a small preview of search suggestions with product name, image and price included. It doesn’t work only with products but also with categories and blog posts, helping customers find any relevant information they need from the website faster.

Better Sort Order

Better Sort Order is our take on Magento’s default sort order. This feature splits attributes selected for sorting into two options: attribute ascending or descending in one dropdown, rather than selecting attributes and then direction by pressing down the arrow. Less clicks. More value.

Widget for handling Retina Images

This widget allows you to upload images of the same product but with different resolutions, so the quality won’t drop on different devices. If you’re in a business where the visual representation of a product is important, this one is a must.

Inchoo Slider as a Widget

Image slider functionality allows you to easily place banners wherever you want on your Magento site to catch your customers’ eye. We developed it as a widget, and you can easily access it in Page Builder.

Improved Base Theme

We have developed our own base theme with UX/UI improvements such as brands animator, login modal, form labels, and such. Our base theme is the backbone of every Magento 2 project and will take your customer experience to the next level.

Order Comments

Order Comments lets your customers leave additional information in a textbox at the checkout regarding their order and saves it together with their order data. This is very handy for customers who want to let you know something without the additional hassle of contacting customer support.

Quick Register from the Checkout Success Page

Inchoo’s Quick Register feature converts Checkout guest customers to Registered customers right on the Checkout Success Page. It saves them the trouble of redirection to the register page and repeating the process of giving out the same information they already left while purchasing.

Additional Features

Store Locator with Store Pickup

Store Locator enables customers to search for their nearest brick-and-mortar store, providing them with needed location, contact information, and business hours. You also may want to offer store pickup in some of your stores, and this feature will help customers to choose their preferred one! It works with Google Maps ensuring customers pick up their product at the right location and at the right time instead of waiting for delivery.

Returns Management

The RMA module is currently available on Enterprise Edition, but we developed it for Magento Open Source merchants. With this module, customers can make returns faster, and you’ll save time by manually processing them because now this will be done automatically.

Advanced Page Builder Setup with Enriched Components

Our advanced setup allows turning on or off Page Builder for frictionless use and easily importing simple content to pages or sections we want. Enriched Components refer to adding Page Builder custom options. For example FAQ section, where you can add common questions and answers in admin with drag’n’drop functionality without having to think about the looks of it.

Out Of Stock Reminder

When a product is out of stock, customers can choose to be notified when the product gets back in stock. If the product won’t come back in stock and you don’t want to leave your customers hanging, you can contact them and offer them similar ones.

Digital Marketing

Performance-aware Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager usually needs much more information than a page shows, which might affect the performance and stability of your store. We developed our own module, modified for GA4 implementation, with more functionalities that cares about your store performance.

Google sync for pushing additional product information (API) to analytics

Google Analytics API Sync enables generating everyday data in .csv format and sends it to Google Analytics to merge with existing data and provide more precise information. Sync is available for products and refund data (full and partial refunds are sent separately).

SEO Module

SEO Module is our solution for advanced technical SEO setup of your Magento 2 store. It enables creation of additional rules for categories’ and products’ metadata. It automatically generates data giving you less hassle with manual work. Expect more organic traffic to your store.

Hreflang Toolkit

Our Hreflang Toolkit adds the ability to generate hreflang tags based on selected store views. Href URLs will be set based on each store’s secure base URL, while hreflang locale codes will be set based on each store view’s locale.

URL rewrites importer

This feature allows batch importing of redirects through the admin interface, increasing the efficiency of the process. This is crucial when it comes to migrations to lessen manual work. Your customers won’t land on any error pages with the correct URLs.

Social Login

Social Login allows you to create an account with social networks and use it to log in. It works with Facebook and Google.

Social Share

Social Share gives the ability to share products on social networks. You’ll be able to choose which social media you would like to display. It works with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest in the standard version.


Advanced JavaScript Bundling

Unlike Magento’s default JS bundling, Advanced JavasScript Bundling enables us to create JS bundles on a page-type basis. It’s a community effort to save data and increase website speed for end users. We adopted it and implement it on all our projects.

Removal of non-used Modules

Magento comes with many modules, but having them all enabled can hurt the overall performance of your store. Some need to be disabled, and others need to be entirely away from the code. We don’t remove anything crucial for your site, only those modules that are completely unnecessary or those we have our solution developed.



We have our deployment process where all the compiling and preparation are done through continuous integration systems in advance instead of doing them on production servers. The result is minimizing downtime from minutes to seconds, all that in favor of customers not even noticing anything changed on the site

Static Code Checks

All our code passes through static code checks, such as code smells and coding standards, to ensure consistency and best practices. The result is code written according to Magento best practices, which allows forward compatibility with upcoming Magento releases and easier maintenance.

Staging Environment

Each of our projects comes with its own Inchoo hosted and maintained dedicated environment for staging and verifying changes before moving them to the production environment. Having a replica for testing purposes, allows you to test all changes before presenting them to the customers. It also allows us to test the rollout of more complex features, so we can be sure all goes smoothly for end users.

Market-specific Features

Year-Make-Model Filter

This feature is a must-have for the Automotive Aftermarket Online store. YMM filter is a pre-filtered list of a car’s make, model, and year combination from the product catalog. That way, customers can use filters to find exact parts that suit their ride, which are the only ones they are interested in. The feature can be implemented anywhere on the site.

Product Diagrams

This feature adds diagram functionality to images. It uses components based on the XY axis placed on the image that can contain multiple products or subdiagrams. Results can be filtered by any product attribute and displayed on a dedicated, dynamic page. It is compact, engaging, and easy to use, making customer’s shopping path more clear.

Lowest Price in the Last 30 Days

Our Lowest Price in the last 30 Days feature lets customers compare if the current sale price is lower, equal, or higher than the lowest price in the last 30 days. If you’re conducting business in the EU, this functionality needs to be implemented in all aspects of your online store, from sliders to checkout.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to develop a Magento store with Inchoo Flavored Magento as a starting point?

For a store that does not have many bells and whistles, needed time can start from 3 months. Realistic time is highly affected by the project’s complexity and business size.

I currently have a Magento store developed with another partner, but I am considering switching to Inchoo. Will I get Inchoo Flavored Magento?

If you are considering a partner change, we suggest making Magento Technical Code Audit, where our tech team will learn more about your current codebase. Depending on the gathered insights, we will let you know whether we recommend Inchoo Flavored Magento. The switch would require a bit of work, so it comes with a price tag.

I need to add more features to Inchoo Flavored Magento. Is it possible?

Yes! We find the mentioned features essential, but every business needs something specific. The process of adding is the same as it would be if we used Luma as a starting point. The difference is in end-results, time to market, and costs.

I would like to purchase Inchoo Flavored Magento theme. Can I do that?

No, and that’s because Inchoo Flavored Magento is not a theme. It is our own starting point for new projects.

What is the development cost of using the Inchoo Flavored Magento approach?

Inchoo Flavored Magento is not considered a “plug and play” solution but our own starting point for Magento 2 stores. Price is based on time and material estimates and starts from $70.000.

Where can I learn more about Inchoo Flavored Magento?

Keep an eye on our blog posts where we will cover everything you need to know! You can get started here.

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  • Full-service approach

    All projects we’re working on involve a collaboration of designers, developers, data analysts, SEO experts, and project managers. We consider it a good recipe where a project gets the desired flavor only when all the ingredients are included.

  • Years of experience

    We have been in Magento development world from its very beginning, back in 2008. We have proved our expertise in more than 500 successfully launched projects. Feel free to check out reviews some of our clients left on Clutch about us.

  • We’re Certified Magento Experts

    We are proud to be Adobe Solutions Silver Partner! Not only are our developers certified by Adobe, but also our digital marketers and designers. You can rest assured that your project will be handled by a team that knows Magento by heart.

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