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TeraFlex Suspensions

The relationship with Teraflex started 3 years ago by designing and developing their first online shop on Magento coupled with WordPress. It was a success for both since their “online business steadily increased” over the years and the community got a place to participate with their feedback and content. Now, 2 years after, we made a revamp where we decided to abandon WordPress and move everything to Magento: Blog, Image Galleries, Dealer Manager, Contact forms. The system is currently much more stable and we are proud of the work that is done. Hope you’ll enjoy it also. Željko Prša wrote a great article about the development process.

Client Testimonial

Inchoo Magento Development

Working with Surgeworks/Inchoo on our first website opened our eyes to how painless it can be to have a website developed and designed. With their knowledge and expertise, combined with daily communication, we were able to produce a website that matched the needs of our customer, our administrator, and our company. Their attention to detail and project completion has made our job as administrators so much easier—we can now fully utilize our website and make changes whenever we want to. And because of their complete interface integration, the look and feel is spectacular! Now we have begun our second project with the Surgeworks team, and it is even better. Surgeworks’ constant improvement and dedication to staying up-to-date on the latest industry knowledge really sets them apart. If you want a user friendly website and a development team to be at your beck and call, Surgeworks is the company you are looking for.

Emilly Phillips
Emilly Phillips - TeraFlex Suspensions


Interview was made with Vinny Pratt, Website Manager from Teraflex.

Three years have passed since Teraflex has launched an online-shop. How did it affect your business?

Our online business has been steadily increasing since our original launch. Since then we have been updating and optimizing our online presence to maximize revenue in direct consumer sales. Without giving specific numbers, our online store is generating a large percentage of our profitability, and has definitely been worth the investment and maintenance.

Did Magento meet your expectations as a shop-owner?

We have used several e-commerce packages throughout the years, and Magento (customized by Surgeworks) has been the most versatile, and effective software we have used to date. Magento is a pretty robust system, and combined with Surgeworks’ customization we are able to add & manage product, invoice and manage sales, run sales reports, link product instructions, build pages, posts & image galleries, and send out e-newsletters. Magento is a true "all-in-one package".

Prior to shop revamp, you had Magento & Wordpress side by side and now the blog and image galleries are inside Magento. Do you miss Wordpress?

Having Magento handle all of the e-commerce, and CMS will help to increase efficiency on our end, and will make website changes and updates integrate seamlessly between the sales & community sections of the site. While Wordpress was not a bad solution for stand-alone CMS, we do not miss it!

We’ve been working together for 3 years now and haven’t met in person yet. Has it affected communication quality in any way?

It is always good to meet people in person, but in today’s global marketplace that is not always possible. Surgeworks has developed key communication methods that help to bring communication closer and more collaborative, and make you feel as if you have met in person.

Besides obvious goals such as sales increase and brand awareness, another important one is establishing relationship with the Jeep owners community. How are you achieving that?

We try to get out and meet our customers as much as possible. Because our customer base is nationwide, this keeps us on the road constantly. Trail Runs and other off-road events are a great way to meet the customers and help to build our brand and show our product in action. By re-capping these events on our website, we gain additional exposure and pull new visitors to the site.

We decided to leave the most important question for the end: When will we see those new hats and stickers from you guys :)

Send me shipping addresses for all the guys and I will get product sent out to each of you!.