About the service

Magento Backend Developer Training answers your questions, the simple ones, the hard ones. You were always wondering how to properly plan for and use attributes and attribute sets in your store or wanted to learn more about the extension structure? This service is created to meet your needs – our Magento experts will show you the ropes of debugging, Magento initialization, working with databases and everything you need to know to start with customizing Magento.

Who is it for?

You are a growing web development company and need someone to teach your backend developers more about Magento administration because they can’t seem to find their way around it? Maybe you’ve worked with Magento but your team is growing bigger, maybe you’re just starting. No matter the situation – training is designed for different sized groups of developers still struggling with Magento development terminology and concepts. We know that sometimes, you don’t have the time to go neither through manuals and read the scripts nor instructions, that’s why we’re here to help.

What you’ll get?

Basic, on site training, includes the following content:

  • 1.Magento structure
  • 2.Development environment and debugging
  • 3.Code basics
  • 4.Controllers
  • 5.Layout system
  • 6.Working with database
  • 7.Customizing Magento
  • 8.Administration and settings
  • 9.Creating a module from scratch

This agenda can be tailored according to your needs – we will focus on what you know least to, of course, improve it, keeping an eye on connecting this new kind of information with everything you’ve learned so far.

Magento Backend Developer Training is prepared and delivered by our Magento certified experts who are engaged in this process from day one.

Get in touch with us

To learn more about our hourly rates and the agenda you’d be listening to, request a quote by filling out the contact form in the right-hand column (or below this text if you’re reading this on your smartphone).