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Ivan Matozan

Backend Developer

Ivan Matozan

Ivan has a wide knowledge in technologies, but his skills and comfort of working with PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript stand out. As a Backend Developer, Ivan’s duties range from custom development of scripts to creation of entirely new extensions and modules. He thrives when writing quality code that keeps online stores of our clients stable, and technically at least one step in front of their competition.

Among all mentioned, it would be unfair to leave out one of the most important aspects of his knowledge and experience - and that would be his background in setting up wireless networks. As a President and Head of Development, Ivan was an important part of a non-profit organization that is providing broadband wireless Internet in rural areas. Their work was invaluable to more than 200 rural families in Croatia that are now connected to the world!

How did he become a developer? Well, it was a typical love story. He got a computer when he was 9 years old and got instantly hooked. Putting together hardware pieces or developing software, he was entertained by both. Afterwards, he gained formal technical knowledge in Computer Science at Faculty of Electrical Engineering. When he’s not coding, which he also enjoys in his free time, Ivan is reading books, watching mystery movies and TV shows or cheering while watching a football match.

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