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Terezija Radic

Backend Developer

Terezija Radic

Terezija is a passionate developer who says her goal is: “to know everything in a short time.” She feels happy when she’s challenged in pushing through her knowledge when developing new modules and custom features for our clients.

She majored in Computer Science and Mathematics, what certainly left a great impact on her analytical way of thinking, love for numbers and mathematical conjectures. Her graduation mentor was, among other things, Unix system admin so she has a habit of using CLI instead of GUI whenever possible.

Terezija went to music school and dreamed about becoming a pianist. But then she learned that she was better in math than she was at piano, and decided to build a career in that direction. Which turned out great for us, but the music community was disappointed. She’s practicing women-only workout based on sensual movements and loves it as a way of recreation after sitting behind her desk all day. When she was little, Terezija dreamed about getting a Nobel Peace Prize. Now, her dream is to become like Senior Developers from her team - steady and with a solution to almost any development problem.

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