Inchoo Learning Day 2 – Surviving the Blizzard

Inchoo Learning Day is fast becoming something you won’t want to miss. This time, even though it’s only our second such event, we already went international. Here is a brief story of what went on last Friday in a small village on the outskirts of Baranja.

Last Friday we organized our 2nd traditional Inchoo Learning Day – ILD2 – this is a rather new training/teambuidling/education event we organize every two months or so to have a day outside of our standard work environment, discuss some of the current topics important to all teams in Inchoo, and have fun!

This time we went to Suza, a small village in Baranja, to “Piros Cizma” restaurant (a mixture of Hungarian and Croatian names which translates to “The Red Boot” – even though there are two of those shown on their logo). We also had two international guests – Zdravko Karanovic of Basic Elements and his associate Srdjan Bajic joined us all the way from Serbia (well, they actually took less time getting there than we did).

Little did we know, when we were deciding on a date for the event, that Osijek and its surroundings would be hit by a snow blizzard on Thursday (one day before the event), making some of the roads virtually impassable.

But, hey, we’re working with Magento – if nothing else, we’re used to unexpected occurrences and random acts of God 🙂

So, we created a quick checklist of what needs to happen on Friday:

1. survive the journey driving on snow-covered roads (some on summer tires, just for the fun of it)
2. make one of the most popular Gauls jealous by eating wild boar without inviting him to the table
3. taste some nice local wines in a nearby wine cellar
4. make friends with one of the craziest dogs ever
5. get back home safely (a rather important one)

And we managed to complete all of the above. So, we could say we were quite successful.

The main part of the event was still education. This time we had two main topics for discussion, and they were:

  • Git in Use – for those of you who don’t know this (anyone?), Git is one of the widely used version control system we’re implementing across the company. Mladen Lotar prepared the lecture and introduced everyone to some basic, and some more advanced usage of Git
  • Project ManagementTomislav Bilic prepared a session with a lot of examples on good project management practices, team roles vs. team members and basic values we are looking to show in our everyday work – respect, proactivity and fun.

We had fun, learned something new, and gave our eyes some time to relax without staring at the screen for a whole working day. We can only advise you to do the same once in a while.

You can take a look at some images on the slideshow below or on this Flickr photostream or check out hashtag #ILD2 from your Twitter accounts. Enjoy. 🙂

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  1. @Kamila & Lyssandro – you’re right, it was great, and be sure to join us next time…

    We’ll let you know about time and place so you can plan ahead… 🙂

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