Ready for 2nd Meet Magento Croatia with agenda focused on PWA? Book the dates!

Meet Magento Croatia MM18HR

Reserve 28th and 29th of September 2018 for the second Meet Magento Croatia!

Last year we hosted a crowd of more than 200 participants from 18 countries at first ever Meet Magento in Croatia! If you were there, you had the opportunity to learn from and mingle with developers, merchants, and eCommerce specialists. And attend an awesome party, because at Inchoo – we know how to have fun!

Developers paradise

Well, this year, we decided to take things a little bit further. Business and development tracks are still a part of the official program (as is the party, don’t worry), but we decided to put an emphasis on a most talked about technology shift on the web, Progressive Web Apps.

PWA is important since it is reliable, fast and engaging. Furthermore, it eliminates the friction of getting the app installed which provides a fertile ground for businesses. PWA’s have been around for some time, but only lately it has become a buzzword. Everyone is talking about it, but is it just a fad, or a future of the web? We predict that PWA is the future default, but till then, there is a lot of challenges that need to be addressed.

We already booked some of the cream of the crop speakers from PWA world, but there is still room for all of you experts out there!

You believe you have a story worth sharing? Call for speakers is open!

Meet Magento Croatia 2018 is the perfect place for sharing your knowledge, so here’s more info on how to apply to find yourself on stage.

Inspire developers, IT and eCommerce experts, as well as store owners with technical background by sharing successful case studies or your knowledge and expertise. You are free to tackle the latest technologies, right there on stage! Hot topics and keywords that can be your guide for picking the theme of your presentation are: security, scalability, integrations, internationalization, performance, PWA.

If business-related topics are closer to you, we don’t mind! Help merchants optimize their business by sharing tips & tricks from the eCommerce world. You are welcome to suggest topics based on your field of interest and your expertise. Best practices in analytics, advertising, mobile and social commerce, omnichannel and alike sound amazing to us!

Where is #MM18HR going to take place?

Glad you asked, it will take place in Osijek, Inchoo’s beloved city and hometown. Osijek is a part of the eastern Croatian region of Slavonia which is famous for being semi-official gastronomical capital. We are sure Osijek will sweep you off your feet with its architecture, numerous parks, and a great nightlife.

If you like what you reading, be smart and buy the ticket for Meet Magento Croatia 2018 at Early Bird price (€120). After all, early birds tend to fly away really fast!

How was last year’s Meet Magento Croatia?

Just to name a few key takeaways – more than 200 participants at MM17HR had the opportunity to hear important information about secure development workflow and best practices and tools for improving the overall security of Magento shops, brought to you by Anna Völkl (E-CONOMIX), Talesh Seeparsan shared his experience with Dynamic scanning with OWASP ZAP and Magento 2, and Igor Miniailo talked about Versioning and Backwards Compatibility in Magento 2.

In addition to that, AMA about state of Magento 2 and Magento plans in general were one of the conference highlights, where Ben Marks, Jisse Reitsma and Max Yekaterynenko took and shook the stage.

To sum it all up, we later heard a lot of stories about projects and partnerships that were the result of #MM17HR!

See you at MM18HR?

Stay tuned to learn more about what we have in store for you – agenda, speakers, sponsorship options, and other useful information will be announced in the upcoming period, so make sure you’re the first one to learn all about it!

Join the conversation on Twitter – official hashtag of the conference is #MM18HR

See you soon in Osijek!

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