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Fashion has never been more digital! Even in-store purchases are influenced by online catalogs, so neglecting your online presence can easily leave you in the dust.

Unleash your complete potential in this dynamic industry through a customized solution built on Magento. As a full-service eCommerce agency, we’ve got you covered with design, development, and marketing services.

Tailored fashion & apparel eCommerce user experience

Magento distinguishes itself as a robust and feature-rich platform, offering a reliable foundation for businesses to establish a strong online presence. While it is possible to operate an eCommerce business with the standard Magento setup, the unique demands of the fashion & apparel eCommerce sector necessitate a tailored approach to ensure an optimal user experience.

High-quality imagery

Nothing is worse than having an amazing product but not being able to convey it accurately online. High quality greatly impacts site performance, but you still need to accurately depict the color and fabric. Otherwise, your customers can easily become disappointed when the product is delivered and doesn’t match the online image.

Luckily, Magneto does its own product image optimization; thus, there are many modern image formats that improve compression by up to 50% and still deliver high-quality images. Combined with on-demand image loading, you’re on a good path to having the best of both worlds – accurate depictions and site speed.

Product display

Fashion is often about the context. Displaying a product on a white background is a typical way of displaying products on an eCommerce site. However, putting it into the context of an outfit is totally different.

By depicting a complete outfit on a model, you’re silently recommending additional products for increased average cart value and giving yet another dimension to display accuracy.

Product recommendations

Product recommendations are one of the most powerful tools one can use on an eCommerce fashion & apparel site. If used correctly, you can be certain customers won’t run off to competition. Many purchases are made as a result of product recommendations, especially if they are personalized.

Personalization can not only be based on previous customer activities, such as items viewed or items purchased, but also on analyzing favorite brands or categories and active customer journeys by offering relevant complementary products that match the style of a product viewed or added to a cart.

Shop the Look

The ‘Shop the Look’ feature is a strategic element in our product recommendation and display strategy. You can save countless hours of your customer’s time by providing complete outfits ready for purchase.

Just imagine a customer searching for an outfit for a New Year party. Pairing a dress, belt, shoes, purse, and earrings can take considerable time. While you could display these items separately for a subtle cross-sell, the ‘Shop the Look’ feature conveniently presents all these components together. Those products are already available to the customer by utilizing the Shop the Look feature. All that’s left for them is to pick sizes, and they’re on their way to checkout!


Product Variations

In fashion eCommerce, products often have options, from different colors and sizes to patterns and different customizable features. One of the key aspects of a seamless shopping experience lies in good planning when presenting these product variations.

This becomes especially important when managing a large product catalog. It is imperative that these variations are easily discoverable, both within category listings and on individual product pages, to ensure customers do not overlook the diverse options available to them.

Size guides

Sizing is usually among the first reasons for shopping insecurities. When people shop for apparel on global sites, one of the first concerns is usually related to sizing. Pair that with a complicated returns policy, and you’re on your way to losing many potential sales. 

Figuring out which size to buy is a pain point for international shoppers, especially when they run into a site or brand for the first time. On local sites, one would expect localized sizes. However, going the extra mile is essential for dealing with international customers. This means incorporating a detailed size chart that considers variations in regional sizing and potential differences in brand sizing.

Product descriptions

Detailed product descriptions are necessary for any industry, but fashion & apparel can be specific. You don’t need to praise the product; just stick to the basics and point out the main product characteristics, such as fabrics and features. Information should naturally be accompanied by composition and care. People need to be aware of possible allergic reactions or that a piece of clothing should only be washed by hand before purchase so they don’t regret their purchase later. 

What’s covered in our fashion & apparel eCommerce approach?


Customized user experience

In the dynamic and competitive landscape of the global fashion eCommerce industry, it’s imperative for brands to stand out. Recognizing the demands of this specific industry, we understand the importance of tailoring the user experience to your customers’ needs.


Custom development solutions for fashion eCommerce

We take pride in customizing Magento to meet the distinctive needs of the fashion and apparel industry. Our dedicated team invests time in thorough research and strategic planning to incorporate features aligned with your business and specific industry requirements. We aim for a smooth delivery process, ensuring that these features are integrated effectively and efficiently.


Fashion & Apparel eCommerce Marketing

Building and improving a fashion and apparel eCommerce site can pose challenges in the intensely competitive global market. Consistent investment in online marketing tactics, including search engine optimization and advertising, will result in substantial advantages.

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    Fashion eCommerce experts

    Over the years, we have built, audited, and provided expert support to many leading eCommerce fashion sites. Partner with us to navigate the competitive terrain of the fashion eCommerce industry, and let us shape an immersive user experience that exceeds the expectations of your diverse customer base.

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    Certified Magento experts

    Your online store will be built on maintainable code, ensuring that no unnecessary investments come long-term. Special attention is given to Magento coding standards, ensuring carefully optimized performance and experience. Our team has an in-depth knowledge of the platform, down to its smallest details, providing the expertise needed to unlock the full potential of your Magento store.

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    Proactive expert support

    Our team of experts will take ownership and deal with both technical and user experience problems on the site through active monitoring and reaction to the first signs of trouble. You can benefit from data-driven suggestions specifically tailored to your store needs by combining multiple metrics and tracking methods with our eCommerce expertise. This means you can rely on us to consistently offer fresh ideas and strategies to elevate your online business to a new level.

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