1st Inchoo Learning Day

Check our images on FlickrWe’re hoping to start a new tradition with the event we organized today. 1st Inchoo Learning Day took place in Zlatna Greda, Croatia where the group of geeks (Inchooers) gathered to discuss and learn about programming best practices. The idea is simple. We will take one Friday every two months to go somewhere in the nature and spend a day working on education and knowledge sharing.

We knew it will be a fun event, but we weren’t sure if it will be as useful as we hoped. Now, few days after, things are clear. It was a great thing to have a day like this where developers will move away from computers and share knowledge between each other.

“But why don’t they do that at regular work?”, someone could ask. Of course they do. Events like this are not a replacement for education. They help, speed up and guide education that happens every day.

Topics of the 1st Inchoo Learning Day were:

  1. “Introduction speech”, Tomislav Bilic
  2. Eclipse, SVN & Magento“, Vedran Subotic
  3. MVC & Magento“, Ivan Weiler
  4. Events & Observers“, Tomas Novoselic
  5. Frontend best practices“, Željko Jake Prša
  6. Debugging techniques“, Branko Ajzele

Unfortunately, most of the classes were prepared in Croatian language, so they have little use to be published. Some of them were also presented in brainstorming fashion where there is no classic Power Point or Keynote file.

Beside the educational part, we did have time for some fun where we tested our archery skills. Ana was the winner. You can check some images here on the slideshow below or directly on Flickr. Enjoy. 🙂

Tomislav Bilic

- Founder and CEO

Tomislav is a founder and CEO at Inchoo. Enjoys traveling - especially quick getaways, traditional cuisine (from most cultures), good wine and strong rakija.

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