See you at Meet Magento Poland 2017!

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We have an internal process at Inchoo, where each Inchooer applies for the conference he would like to visit, and with a set of rules we decide who is going. Fair and square.

When we opened up an application for Meet Magento Poland, that will take place in Krakow on Sept 18th and 19th, within minutes (!) we had 2 speakers – Tomislav Bilic and Nenad Andrakovic, and 2 speaker’s chaperones – Nandino Loncar and Toni Pap.

Meet Magento Poland is a dear conference for us, that we visited several times, and we always had a blast! Without any doubts, this one will be great too! Agenda looks awesome and has a lot to offer from both development and business side.

So, what are our Inchoo speakers preparing for #MM17PL?

Tomislav, excited for a new Poland adventure? How many times have you been at Meet Magento Poland?

This will be my third time visiting Poland and each visit was for Meet Magento conference. I was there in 2013 and 2014. Both of these events were in the capital. I loved the country and I enjoyed Warsaw. I’m very happy that I’ll have a chance to see Krakow this time since it was on my to do list for a long time. Can’t wait for the trip to start.

I will be great to see the Snowdog team. They were always great hosts and I consider them friends.

Nenad, you are also one of the speakers. What are you looking forward to the most? Have you ever been to Poland?

Yes, I’ve been to Poland in 2014 at Meet Magento which was held in Warsaw and we really had a great time. I’m looking forward seeing all the cool people I had a chance to meet since I’m working with Magento.

Agenda is very very good, so I look forward to that as well. 🙂

Tomislav, you are holding a presentation “The bumpy road of growing a team”. It sure raised a lot of attention at Meet Magento Croatia. What is it about?

Hehe. I had a wake-up talk in Croatia and I’ll have the same slot here. First talk after the party. It is a lighter topic that everyone will be able to follow. I’ll speak about three areas that influence growth sustainability in the company and discuss the challenges we are all facing with finding and keeping the good talent.

The presentation will be different to the one I had in Meet Magento Croatia. Here, I will cover more areas and I will use a different presentation style because I’m not at domestic terrain. This means that we will not see sole slides from these tweets 😉

Nenad, you have a more technical theme. Give us a sneak peek of your “Using HTML5 APIs to improve performance and UX” presentation!

Yeah, pretty much a bumpy road as well 😀 Well, with new html5 API-s we can access user devices and gather information about hardware, network etc. With all these new information about user session (device), we can do a lot in order to serve best possible content for the given state. This is something we must take advantage of.

As they say, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. So what are you planning to visit and do in Poland, besides Meet Magento?

Nenad: We already have a list of places we plan to visit/see in Krakow. And this list is not a short list.

Tomislav: Exactly. Four Inchooers are taking this trip – two of us, Nandino Loncar and Toni Pap. Nandino made quite a good research for the places to visit. We also used the info “Meet Krakow” page that organizers created. We’ll have a road trip that starts in Osijek, Saturday morning. There is a debate shall we take a path via Brno or Banska Bystrica (I vote for 2nd one, btw). Arrival should be later that day, so we’ll have most of Sunday for exploring. We’re driving back day after the conference.

If anyone is reading this post who will be in Krakow and would like to get in touch, let us know!

You’ve heard the guys, if you are at #MM17PL or in Krakow, get in touch! Mail, Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Skype, call – everything works for us!

To organizers we wish everything going smoothly for this event, and to visitors, well, learn something and have fun!

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