Inchoo’s Magento technical eCommerce audit

You don’t miss out on taking your car to the service center for a regular check-up, do you? Your website needs to be maintained in a similar fashion. No matter how good your Magento solution provider is, after some time it’s advised to get feedback from a fresh pair of eyes.

With our eCommerce technical assessment, we will examine your online store and identify known and potential technical issues that need to be fixed to help you grow and scale the business without any obstacles.

We know Magento!

Get in-depth technical analysis and advice for your Magento store from Magento experts!


The purpose of this service is to perform a technical health check of your Magento online store and provide guidelines for improvements. It enables you to have a clear understanding whether the best practices were used in the development and data entry process, or to help you identify issues that might be damaging your business flow.

Even if you believe everything works well, you could still gain valuable information and ideas for setting up future plans, that could help you improve key sales and conversion drivers.

What you’ll get with our Magento technical audit

With Inchoo’s Magento eCommerce technical audit you’ll get expert individual in-depth analysis with a comprehensive overview of the state of your store’s code quality and overall usability.

Our report includes:

  1. An executive summary of findings with priorities a quick overview
  2. Detailed explanation of findings and suggested solutions
  3. Top priorities for your developers
  4. Analysis of potential Magento core system modifications
  5. 3rd party extensions preliminary review
  6. Database integrity review to ensure that data is recorded exactly as intended
  7. Code quality review systematic examination of your store source code
  8. Speed and performance analysis HTTP requests, optimizations, expire headers…

Our analysis respects the uniqueness of your business. We are not using an automated process that is applied in every case. We want to make sure you end up with recommendations based on an actual condition of your site. Start the conversation about the audit you’re interested into by filling out the contact form in the right-hand column.