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Igor Tikvic

Frontend Developer

Igor Tikvic

When you are a frontend developer at Inchoo, your role is clearly defined - implementing design on web shops, which Igor really enjoys doing! His previous work experience gave him valuable insight in all the phases of the development process. It made him truly appreciate all the work necessary to bring web site to life. From initial research and planning, through designing aesthetically pleasing but also functional design, coding both the front and back end parts to post launch analytics and website optimisation.

However, being the frontend developer with passion for user-centred design, Igor is mostly interested how to visually communicate to website audience and make their online experience as smooth as possible.

As a graduate economist with marketing background, Igor worked as a TV Guide Editor in Chief in local newspapers and was very much interested in desktop publishing. During that time, he fell greatly in love with web design. The ability to independently build his own imaginations through code amazed him.

Igor loves to play chess, but also with Lego sets. He is one active guy, who often switches between hiking, swimming, biking and yoga. When not immersed in reading a good biography, one can find him near the river in a long walk or just sitting and enjoying the view.

Latest posts by Igor Tikvic

Magento 2 Widgets – gallery widget explained – client testimonials showcase

Further to our previous post about Magento gallery widget (in which we explained how to build image gallery) we’d like to show another possible use of this widget. Because it’s based on Fotorama plugin, gallery widget is able to work not just with images but with other HTML content as well. And we’ll demonstrate how by building a client testimonials gallery which we’re going to display in the footer of our web shop.
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