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Ivan Brcic

Project Manager

Ivan Brcic

What makes Ivan a great Project Manager are his specialties like fast learning, good organizational skills, and, most importantly - people skills. He leads our projects from the PM side (organization, client communication, finance management, etc.) and brings the best possible solutions and results to both clients and the company.

He has a Master's degree in Hospitality Management but has also finished the Algebras Web Design course and several Scrum and agile methodologies courses. During his career, he has worked several jobs in the hospitality and tourism industry, which led him to years of experience in the IT industry, which is his specialty. His previous projects are mostly global. He worked for the big pharmaceutical companies and has more than 100 finished projects behind him.

He is interested in developing and learning in more segments, apart from PM, like development and SEO. Learning those skills will help him do his job even better and also, who knows, maybe become the next step in his career path.

He says his personality is pretty much simple. He likes honesty and walks away from anything that is not beneficial or has an opportunity for him to grow, like unnecessary drama. He is mostly known for his humor and chill vibe in his personal life. He enjoys music, sport, and gaming, but as he grew up by the sea, there is nothing more relaxing than listening to the sound of waves and being able to swim and dive all day.

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