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Matej Maricic

Backend Developer

Matej Maricic

Matej is a Backend Developer who joined our team after successfully finishing our last PHP Academy. Throughout entire PHP academy he has shown great potential and put a lot of effort in it which led to him landing a job at Inchoo. He hopes to further improve his knowledge and eventually give back to the community by being a teacher on one of the future academies.

He got his bachelor's degree in Agricultural entrepreneurship but was never very interested in that area. Later on, he discovered that software development makes him happy because the tasks are often very unique and require a different approach. Matej was always interested in history and the impact historical events have on present time. He would love to study it more in the future.

Matej is all about rock and roll - he even played in the band. He is passionate about travel as foreign cultures and lifestyles always sparked an interest in him, especially the East Asian region. It is a known fact that developers like cats, but Matej was always fascinated by reptiles and he would love to have a bearded dragon as a pet one day.

Latest posts by Matej Maricic

Magento 2 logging

Logging is an important part of every development process. Logs provide insight into system processes of Magento 2 and are a great tool for tracking errors, significant events, exceptions and many more. In order for the logging library to be properly implemented with Magento 2, it must comply with PSR-3 standard.

Magento 2 comes with built-in logging solution based on Monolog Library which will be analyzed further in this article. Continue reading

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