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Stjepan Udovicic


Stjepan Udovicic

As a Backend Developer, Stjepan is skilled in PHP, JavaScript, C, C++, Wordpress, Codelgniter, SDL, OpenGL and Qt.

His previous work included developing cash registers and websites for local entrepreneurs and contributing to the open source community by translating Ubuntu distribution. Self taught with online IT courses, he is also only a Masters thesis away from Computer Science graduation at Faculty of Electrical Engeneering.

Although Stjepan likes to spend his free time programming, he’s not one of those guys who never see the daylight. He is a biker who loves his Yamaha and wants to have a road trip over continental Croatia to our seaside. Hamsters and rodents in general are his favorite animals and his current wish is to have a squirrel as a pet.

Latest posts by Stjepan Udovicic

Tips for writing maintainable code

If you have ever worked in a team or in any other way had to maintain others people code, you already know how important is to write maintainable code. Actually, this doesn’t need to be others people code at all – if you are trying to modify your year-old-code, you may already forgot all the details around it and it may be hard for you to read it, let alone modify it.

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