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Using Zend for intensive data processing

Sometimes there are cases where a lot of data processing needs to be done and using Magento models and resources is either too slow or too intensive for your solution. This is when Zend framework on which Magento is built upon jumps in. Naturally, you can write raw php/mysql functionality for your needs, but if you want to keep your code clean and reusable, using Zend functionality is the way.

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Implementing javascript minifier

Implementing javascript minimization in Magento can help your page load time by compressing your javascript files and making them smaller for users to download. Along with CSS minimisation it can be a great asset for decreasing page loading time.

In this article I will primary cover where minimization should be implemented, since writing a full code for dependable minifier is not a small task.

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Enabling Multi-part MIME Emails in Magento

This article will explain steps needed for altering Magento transactional emails in order to support Multi-part mime emails. Which means that those emails will support both Text and HTMl versions of email. Core for handling multipart data is already implemented in Zend_Mime module, so there is no need for writing code that will handle necessary headers and boundary for multipart implementation.

So let’s get to it!

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