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Sellvana Quick Preview

Last days we witnessed many announcements and talks regarding Sellvana, new open source eCommerce platform. The people behind Sellvana are respectable names in e-commerce community, like its co-founder Boris Gurvich better known to developers for Unirgy modules. During the weekend we got access to the repository and I must admit that some of us, including our CEO Tomislav, didn’t sleep for most part of the night 🙂

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Magento Lite experiment

No, it’s not April Fools’ Day, it’s November, no Inchoo pranks. We played with something new this time. You all heard that Magento is modular platform a hundred times. It just needs a little push sometimes, so we pushed it 🙂 First of all ..

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New Magento Sample Data

Official Magento sample data is a bit old (Magento 1.2) and it takes too much time to install new Magento over them, since installation is updating too many tables at once. Also, there are some tables not present in default CE version, so we thought it would be great idea to update and clean them up a bit.

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Report from Magento Developers Paradise @ Ibiza

As is mentioned earlier at one of the posts, Tomas, Ivica and me were “the chosen ones” to go to Magento developers paradise conference at Ibiza. So how was it? In one word – incredible. It was paradise in its true meaning.

Some of the members traveled by plane for the very first time so it was interesting to watch their facial expressions during the takeoff. We met lots of great people, including Tsvetan Stoyhev, Thomas Slade from Blue Acorn, Myuselim Myuselimov, Josh from WebShopApps, guys from Magento core team and many others.

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Magento FirePHP extension

FirePHP is Firefox add-on that enables you to log to your Firebug Console, which makes it great debugging tool for any web developer. I’m using it, like it and can’t live without it for some time now 😉 So here’s nicely packed Magento FirePHP extension, I believe you’ll be seeing it at Magento Connect in a while.

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Locked Out from Magento admin?

Here’s the situation, you, client, webmaster, pet or whoever was playing with users and roles in your favorite store and deleted only main admin account or broke admin account privileges. If it happened to you and you’re locked out from your Magento store, read on.

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