I got one fairly simple request to develop a custom shipping calculation for Magento that will use some special calculation using UPS API. Right now, Magento only calculates weight and the client needs something more advanced. I worked on similar stuff before, so I guessed this will not be much different. First step was to find an API for UPS. Well, this post is all about the search for API. I’ll update it when I manage to find it.

UPS is a well known shipping provider, the largest express carrier and package delivery company in the world. I’m a not-so-well-known eCommerce developer. UPS has development API and most eCommerce platforms use it.

Although the API seems good and stable, finding documentation for it became an adventure game with cloudy finish. I’m not sure why don’t they just publish it somewhere on the web like the rest of similar providers do. Instead they hide it who knows where and although I applied for developer account, I still didn’t get a simple username and password to even log in.

A little add-on:
Almost immediately after I wrote this post, 2 good people sent me the documentation and I wish to thank them for that.

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  1. Hi, please can you send UPS Api docs to my email:


    I can’t even register on UPS website, or write to UPS support.

    Many Thanks,

  2. I am having the same difficulty, only with the address validation street level api.

    I need to wrap the api in a wcf service. The documentation I have found (at ups) is poor and riddled with errors. Also, I can’t really find any examples.

    Any one have documentation, examples, or at least a url that might help?

  3. Hi All,
    Can i ship my order from China to US with UPS.Which shipping method should i use.Plez Help.

  4. How can i integrate UPS shipping so that if customer order then it should go autometically to UPS for shipping and generate a tracking number.
    Plez help

  5. Hi all !
    Could you please send UPS API documentation to me – at brs {at} ua {dot} fm

    Many thanks

  6. Hello All,
    Am looking for API Integration in Java Based ecommerce website can any help me for how do approach into. If any body having the API details please pass to my email id

  7. Hey Tom, I would be obliged if you can share the API doc. look fwd to hear from you soon vinaychoukse{at} gmail {dot} com

  8. Hello Ben,

    I need UPS API docs. I did a lot Google searches, but didn’t find anywhere. So please can you send docs at reddylast{at}gmail{dot}com or provide URL from where you downloaded it..

    Thanks in Advance

  9. Hi, Tom and Raja i need this documentation also . can you please mail me this too. at neel_229{at}yahoo{dot}co{dot}in


  10. Tom The documentation was really helpful.. I got a UPS account. and have encountered the error “Error 10001 The XML document is not well formed.

    You have any tips of what may cause this error. Iam using Shipping gem

  11. Hey Tom, I would be obliged if you can share the API doc. look fwd to hear from you soon krganapathy {at} gmail {dot} com.

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